Types of Korean Mascara

Although visually similar, mascara Australia comes in different types to help you achieve different eye makeup looks. Apart from the different ingredients added to each type of mascara, the shape of mascara wands will also give a different makeup look. The few commonly found types of mascara in Australia are as follows:

    • Lengthening Mascaras: Lengthening mascara Australia gives your lashes a natural-looking ‘extension’. This type of mascara is most suitable for those with thin, short lashes that need added length without the use of fake eyelashes. Its formulation contains polymers that wrap around and stick on the tip of your natural eyelashes or sometimes come in the form of a tubing mascara which wraps around each eyelash as the product is swept over your lashes, creating tiny tubes. Lengthening mascara Australia is easily identified by its rubber bristles or slim, closely spaced bristles


    • Volumizing Mascaras: Volumizing mascaras give your lashes much-needed volume. This type of best mascara in Australia can take your eye makeup to the next level without the need to use fake eyelashes. Volumizing mascara Australia contains a mixture of waxes, polymers and pigment to give the appearance of visibly fuller, darker and denser lashes. The wand shape tends to be fluffy-looking, densely packed and is generally larger in size compared to other types of mascara wands.


    • Curling Mascaras: Curling mascaras help define and enhance the curl on your eyelashes after using an eyelash curler, or if you have naturally curled lashes. Using the best curling mascara will help give your eyes a rounder, larger appearance. The way in which they are formulated is that curling mascaras contain polymers that will wrap around and slightly shrink, leaving a curling effect. You can easily identify curling mascara by looking at the shape of its wand; they are usually curved or have hourglass shapes for easier curling and lifting.


  • Waterproof Mascaras: Just like its name, waterproof mascaras have the ability to withstand water, moisture and sebum. They have a smudge-proof formula that will stay on your lashes no matter the weather, even through the rain. Its unique formula usually contains waxes and oils that can repel moisture and maintain the product’s pigment. Because they tend to be drier than other types of best mascara in Australia, it is recommended to use them sparingly.


How to use Korean best mascara?

No eye makeup is complete without mascara! Start your eye makeup like you normally would. Define your brows with an eyebrow pencil or tint, add your favourite eye shadow colours, define your eye shape with eyeliner and then finish off with mascara. Regardless of the type of best mascara in Australia that you choose, they all can be used in the same way.

Start by curling your lashes using an eyelash curler, place your mascara wand at the root of your eyelashes and gently wiggle it side to side to coat the base. Next, carefully sweep the wand in an upwards motion towards the tip of your lashes while looking up. You may need to do this a few times until the desired finish is achieved. Always ensure that you are doing this slowly in gentle strokes and that each eyelash is coated properly to prevent clumping.

Mascaras are must-haves to step up any eye makeup like no other product. With quick and easy application, they can be used even when you are going for a more natural, no-makeup look. Getting your desired voluminous, defined and lengthened lashes has never been easier with our best mascara Australia and waterproof mascaras. Shop all your beauty needs from our array of Korean brands at BONIIK – the best K beauty skincare and makeup store in Australia!