Types of Korean body moisturisers

Best body moisturiser Australia can come in a number of different textures to suit your personal preferences and skin types. Generally, we recommend richer, denser textured body lotions for those with dry skin types; whereas those with oily skin can opt for body moisturiser with lightweight, watery textures.

  • Gel: Gel-type body moisturisers have clear or translucent textures that glide smoothly on the skin. They tend to feel watery, cool and soothing to the touch. When applied onto the skin gel lotions leave a cooling finish that absorbs well without greasiness. Because gel body moisturisers are generally oil-free, they are ideal for those with oilier skin, for the warmer season or as after-sun care.

  • Lotion: Body lotions are one of the most commonly found types of body moisturisers. They are distinguishable by their smooth, slightly creamy yet lightweight texture. With fast-absorbing properties and high accessibility, body lotions make the best all-year-round body care product for all skin types. You can choose from different moisturising levels depending on your skin type. Whether you have normal skin, dry skin or extremely dry skin, there is always the best Korean body lotion Australia for you!

  • Cream: Body creams have creamy, richer textures compared to body lotions. However, unlike body butter or balms, body creams sit somewhere it between in terms of consistency. They often come in tubs that can be scooped out easily and applied onto the skin smoothly, leaving a deeply moisturising finish. By forming a layer of a moisture barrier on the skin, body creams are perfect for those with very dry skin and work well when paired together with body mists as they can help retain the moisture and hydration from the body mist that you layer.

  • Butter or Balm: Body butter or balm-type body moisturisers have the richest and most moisturising texture among the different types of body lotions. They have dense textures that adhere and wrap around the skin well to replenish and retain moisture levels. Body butters or balm moisturisers are perfect for those with dry and very dry skin types, or for the colder months where the level of humidity in the air is lower.

How to use the best body moisturiser?

Applying the best body moisturiser on your skin is very simple, all you have to do is dispense an adequate amount of product and gently massage it on your skin. You can do this after using body wash and body scrub. Apply additional layers on areas that are very dry or require added moisture such as your knees and elbows.

To make the most out of your best body moisturiser in Australia, it is recommended that you apply it to clean, slightly damp skin after showering. You can even spray a layer of body mist to boost hydration levels, then apply your body lotion to lock in all the hydration and moisture, leaving your skin silky-smooth and supple to the touch.

How to select the best body moisturiser in Australia?

As with selecting any other skincare or body care product, it is important to ensure that you are using skin-friendly, safely formulated products that will not cause dryness, irritation or worsen skin conditions. In selecting the best body moisturisers in Australia, it is highly recommended to find products that are free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, artificial colouring or drying alcohols which can trigger irritation in those with sensitive and delicate skin. Furthermore, while a small amount of perfume or fragrances can be considered negligible, essential oils are better options when it comes to looking for a scented body moisturiser.

If you are someone who has sensitive skin, the best body lotion for your skin is one that is made with minimal ingredients, free from any fragrances or additives, and have dermatologically tested formula.

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