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What is Korean hair essence?

Korean hair essence is a mist or liquid-type hair care product designed to deliver moisture and nourishment to your hair strands without weighing it down. Just like your facial essences, hair essences have a lightweight, fast-absorbing texture that can penetrate into your hair strands effectively and coat it with a layer of moisture, leaving a silky-smooth, soft and shiny finish. Often, hair essences are used before styling, to prevent frizziness, dryness and shield your hair from external environmental stress or damage from heated styling tools.

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Korean hair essences can come in the form of a watery liquid inside a spray bottle that can be conveniently applied onto your hair, and later reapplied throughout the day as needed, or they can come in a pump if the essence has a more viscous consistency. Hair essence is best used by those interested in hair growth, removing dead skin cells from the scalp, preventing hair loss, and increasing hydration. Regardless of whether you have oily or dry hair, essence hair will be greatly beneficial to maintain and support the growth of healthy, long, bouncy hair.

How to use Korean hair essence?

To use best Korean hair essence, first start by washing your hair and conditioning it with shampoo and conditioner that suit your hair type. On damp or towel dried hair, apply your hair essence along your hair strands either by spraying the product directly if you are using a watery, mist-type essence; or by dispensing a small amount, rubbing it in your hands quickly before spreading it along your hair strands. Comb through, then you can style your hair as usual. Applying hair essence on damp hair before using any other product can help boost its absorption and effectiveness. If you are reapplying your hair essence, you can simply spray it on your hair, but it is highly recommended that the initial application is on clean hair.

In terms of frequency of usage, essence hair can be used as frequently as every day before styling your hair or going out, or you can also apply it every other day depending on the needs of your hair. It is also important to note that even if your hair is thick, you should only be applying enough hair essence because a little goes a long way. Overapplying hair essence will make your hair appear greasy and limp. In general, if your hair tends to be on the drier side, it is recommended to use Korean hair essence after every wash and later in the day if your hair starts to become frizzy or have flyaways. With their convenient, easy to use, mess-free packaging that would often come in the form of a mist or pump bottle, you can easily apply and reapply hair essence at any time of the day!

How to select the best Korean hair essence?

In selecting the best Korean hair care, the same rule of thumb as choosing any other hair care, body care or skin care products will apply. It is recommended to opt for products with gentler, dermatologically-tested ingredients if you are someone with sensitive skin since your hair comes in direct contact with the rest of your skin like your face. In addition, it would best to avoid harmful ingredients such as parabens, drying alcohols and an excess of artificial fragrances that will cause your hair to dry up even more than before, or even trigger irritation.

When shopping hair essence, look for ingredients that are naturally moisturising such as plant, seed and nut oils that will naturally give your hair a boost of long lasting moisture. Apart from that, if you have brittle, damaged hair as a result of dyeing or perms, opt for hair essences that contain plant protein extracts or keratin to strengthen, repair and deeply nourish your hair. If your hair tends to be on the oilier side, or appear lifeless and flat, look for ingredients such as rosemary, mint or tea tree that will instantly refresh your hair and give it a lifted appearance.

Shop Hair Essence with BONIIK Today

By including hair essence as part of your daily hair care routine, you can see the visible results of added smoothness, hair growth, and removal of dead skin cells right away. When used together with other hair care products like hair mists, scalp care as well as hair treatment, the results will speak for themselves. Shop all your hair care needs at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skincare and makeup store in Australia!