Types of men beauty products and how to use them

Mens Cleanser

Facial cleanser for men gently removes impurities, unclog pores and refresh the skin after usage. They can come in a number of variations including gel, cream or foam type to suit individual skin types. Mens facial cleansers are used as a first step of any skincare routine to create a clarified and smooth finish before layering other beauty products.

To use men’s cleanser, simply dispense an adequate amount and lather into a foam. Massage gently onto the face and rinse away.

Mens Toner

Mens facial toner is a watery, liquid type men beauty products that works by restoring the skin’s hydration and moisture levels. They have fast absorbing texture that rebalances and maintains adequate oil-water balance of the skin, leaving it fresh and comfortable after cleansing. Toner for men are also excellent as an aftershave, to prevent razor burns and redness.

Apply mens toner after cleansing your face, either using cotton pad or the palm of your hands. Lightly tap the toner after application to boost absorption.

Mens Essence

Mens facial essence is a lightweight and fast absorbing skincare product that goes deep into the skin’s layers to deliver moisture and target different skin concerns. Sometimes, they can come in the form of an all-in-one essence which doubles as both a facial toner for men and mens essence.

To use mens essence, simply dispense an adequate amount and apply a generous layer on your face, then gently pat to promote absorption.

Mens moisturiser

Facial moisturiser for men is a face cream with fast absorbing texture that delivers nourishment and moisture to the skin. Mens moisturiser woks by locking in hydration and moisture into the skin after applying skin care products such as toner and essence. In addition, with a non-sticky, fresh and smooth finish, it helps keep dryness at bay, prevent premature aging and helps maintain skin elasticity for long lasting comfort.

Men’s moisturiser can be used at any time of the day, as a final step of your skincare routine. After cleansing your face, applying toner and facial essence, finish your routine with a moisturiser for men which will also boost the skin’s moisture retention abilities.

Mens skincare set

Looking for the perfect gift for your favourite men, mens skincare set is the perfect gifting idea! Not only do they include a complete step by step skincare routine every man needs to look his best, they are also simple enough to use to complete a man’s grooming routine. Mens skincare set typically comes with a facial cleanser, mens toner and mens moisturiser that can be used at any time of the day.

To use skincare set for men, start by washing your face with a facial cleanser of your choice, then follow with mens toner and mens moisturiser. In between the toner and moisturiser step, you are free to include an essence or all-in-one for men to deliver added hydration to the skin.

Mens perfume

No grooming routine is complete without the addition of mens perfume. Mens perfume will help keep you feeling fresh and smelling great, also having your signature scent will make you feel your best at all times! Explore a selection of mens perfume with different scent notes ranging from scents with woody, cedar, leather notes, or if you are a fan of classic scents such as rosemary, mint, sage and other fragrant herbal scents.

For long lasting fragrance, you can spray your choice of mens perfume onto your pulse points and make sure that you apply it onto moisturized skin. Alternatively, you can also spray it directly onto your clothes.

Makeup for men

Makeup for men is typically designed to have sheer, natural-looking coverage without the addition of too much colour. The whole purpose is for the makeup for men to cover and conceal any blemishes, uneven skin texture and skin tone, as well as give the skin a smoother and luminous finish.

For a natural, sheer coverage, simply start with your regular skin care routine to keep the face moisturized, which will also help makeup stay on for longer durations. Start with a primer or makeup base to keep your makeup looking fresh and prevent it from turning ashy or oxidizing. When using a foundation, apply it using a damp sponge or makeup puff in quick, tapping motions starting from the center of your face and moving outwards. It is recommended to apply in thin layers and slowly build up coverage as required to prevent your makeup from having a cakey or dry finish.

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