Lip balm Australia is often confused with lip gloss, as they both have a moisturising, dewy finish. The main difference between the two is that lip balms provide additional benefits to your lips on top of the glossy finish when layered onto your lips. Conversely, lip glosses are lip makeup products that simply provide your lips with added shine and dewy finish, to give the illusion of fuller, plumper and healthier-looking lips. Lip glosses are also often tinted with a subtle shade, making them ideal for a no-makeup, day to day look.

Korean lip care products in Australia can be safely used by everyone regardless of skin type, age or gender. In addition, they sometimes come in a variety of benefits, flavours and formulations to suit individual preferences. Apart from that, a variety of packaging is also available, with lip balms coming in different sizes and shapes for portability.

How to choose the best Korean Lip Care?

In selecting the best Korean lip balm and Korean lip care products, it is important to find out the benefits offered by each of these products. The ingredients contained in lip balms that provide sun protection and intensive moisture may differ from one another. Therefore, identifying the concern that you are having with your lips is an important step in selecting the best lip balm in Australia.

Next, once you have identified the best lip balm for your lips, be sure to check the list of ingredients. Avoid lip care products that contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, drying alcohols, artificial colouring, flavouring or fragrances as these can cause irritation or dryness in those with sensitive lips. Opting for lip care products in Australia that have been dermatologically tested is one of the best options as you can be assured that the ingredients used are safe, skin-friendly and non-irritating.

How to use Korean Lip Balm?

Using Korean lip balm or any other lip care product is relatively simple. First, ensure that your lips are clean and free of any residual makeup. Use a lip and eye makeup remover to gently melt away any traces of impurities and dead skin cells. Then, simply layer your choice of lip care products directly onto your lips and leave it on. You can apply your lip balm simply by swiping the product on, using a clean lip brush or your fingertips. As they can be used at any time of the day, you may reapply them as needed. Their small, travel-friendly and sleek packaging can be easily put inside any makeup pouch or purse for you to conveniently take anywhere with you!

Lip care in Australia can also be layered below your lip makeup such as lipsticks or lip tints. To provide your skin with protection, moisture and a flush of colour which will leave a healthy-looking and plumper finish. You can also choose to add a lip liner for a puckered-up, full appearance especially for those with thinner lips.

Taking care of your lips is just as important as keeping the rest of your skin well-moisturised. Prevent painful, chapped and dry lips by regularly applying lip care products and ensuring that you are properly cleansing your lip makeup at the end of the day before bedtime. Shop lip balm Australia at BONIIK - the best Korean beauty, skin care and makeup store in Australia for all your beauty needs!