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RYO Hair Care

RYO Stockist in Australia

RYO is a Korean hair care brand under the parent brand Amore Pacific, that focuses on improving scalp and hair health through the use of natural, herbal ingredients such as ginseng, berries and other plant-based extracts. The brand name RYO comes from the words ‘Yul’ which translates to ‘sky’ and’ Ryo’ which means ‘earth’. When both Yul and Ryo are balanced, we see the perfect state of Yulryo where the world is both dynamic and harmonious. RYO believes that every hair-related concerns such as roughness, thinning and lackluster stems from the scalp. It is by restoring the perfect harmony of both scalp and hair can we then achieve the best possible condition for healthy, lustrous and flowing hair.

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RYO Hair Care

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Ryo is one of Korea's leading providers of hair care. Providing professional scalp and hair care, Ryo hair care is synonymous with young, shiny, luscious, and healthy hair. Combining scientific research with medicinal herbs and oriental-driven philosophy, Ryo offers a range of hair care products for concerns such as hair loss, scalp relief, oily hair, and hair damage.

You may have heard that light, natural, elegant beauty and a wealth of dense, healthy hair were considered ideals by women in the Joseon Dynasty. In the current, modern world having thick and healthy hair are still considered ideal, which is something that RYO aims to provide to all its customers.

Ryo Hair Main Ingredients

In order to provide the best RYO shampoo and Korean hair care to all its customers worldwide, RYO shampoo utilizes Korea’s most highly-prized superfood, ginseng and ginseng extract. Ginseng has been used for centuries in skincare and healthcare supplements thanks to its ability to boost circulation and provide ample nutrients, and antioxidants. In Korean hair care, ginseng is used to increase the circulation of nutrients in the scalp for stronger roots and shiny hair. In addition to ginseng, Korean shampoo RYO also adds other herbal ingredients that inhibit oxidation of cells, and protect against irritation and inflammation for better cell function. The result of panax ginseng root extract is an acceleration of healthy hair growth that you can see and feel.

Other ingredients commonly used in Ryo products for hair treatment include scutellaria vasicalensis root extract, polygonym multiflorum root extract, camellia japanoica seed oil, pinus densiflora leaf extract, green tea and green berry.

How to use RYO products?

RYO Korean haircare products can be used while you are showering like any other shampoo, conditioner and other scalp and hair care products. Simply dispense an adequate amount and work into a lather on your hair by massaging the product through, then rinsing it away with water. Follow with a conditioner, and leave it on for a few minutes before washing it away. Finally, as a final step to your hair care routine, apply some hair treatment products like hair essences, hair tonic or hair oil before styling to keep your hair and scalp fresh, healthy and silky-smooth.

Ryo products are well known for assisting with concerns like a sensitive scalp, oily scalp, dry scalp, skin irritation, and general scalp care, alongside their well known products for hair loss including the hair loss care shampoo.

Shop RYO Premium Hair Care at BONIIK Australia

The combination of traditional herbal ingredients from the Joseon Dynasty, with modern processing technology, makes RYO Shampoo an ideal Korean hair care brand to reset your scalp and hair to its healthy, revitalized state. By focusing on resolving common hair problems from their root, RYO is able to become your companion on your journey to beautiful, healthy and strong hair.

Some of RYO shampoo’s most popular products include Ryo hair loss care shampoo which comes in a few different variations to cater to your hair type – oily, sensitive, normal or dry.

Regardless of which variant you choose, all of Ryo hair loss care shampoos are formulated with whole ginseng extract which contains 7x more antioxidants and nutrients than just ginseng roots. Apart from that this Ryo anti hair loss shampoo is made without the addition of harmful ingredients like artificial colouring, silicone oil, mineral oil or animal-derived ingredients that may cause sensitivity to some users.

Shop RYO shampoo Australia at BONIIK. Whether you are looking for a new hair care routine to improve the overall health of your scalp and hair, or try the RYO hair loss care shampoo, RYO oily scalp shampoo that has gained popularity recently, BONIIK has everything you need to embark on your Korean hair care journey. When you shop online with us through our trusted website, you are entitled to free shipping for orders above $55, as well as complimentary sample sachets for you to try our best selling Korean beauty products.