Who will benefit from a hydrating moisturiser?

Hydrating moisturisers are designed to quickly replenish and lock in the hydration of the skin. They work by increasing the concentration of water molecules within the skin, as well as drawing in hydration into the skin’s layers. Because of their oil-free, lightweight, fast-absorbing texture that gives the skin a plumper, refreshed, and firm-looking complexion, hydrating moisturisers can be used on all skin types. In general, this type of moisturiser is non-comedogenic, non-greasy and leave a cooling finish on the skin which helps retain the perfect hydration levels without making the skin too oily or dry.

For makeup wearers, hydrating moisturisers help provide the much-needed hydration to keep makeup looking fresh and intact for longer durations. By ensuring that your skin is well hydrated prior to makeup application, it allows makeup to apply smoothly without any rough uneven patches or clumping. Korean hydrating moisturisers are non-greasy, allowing them to penetrate the skin faster and leave a smooth finish.

Although both clarifying moisturisers and hydrating moisturisers have very little or no oil, they are different from one another because clarifying moisturisers have the additional benefit of being able to control excess sebum, clear out pores and prevent breakouts by maintaining optimal moisture balance. Both these moisturisers are popular among those in younger age groups, new to using skincare products, or have skin concerns such as dehydration, oiliness, clogged pores and so on.

On the other hand, deeply moisturising moisturisers and nourishing moisturisers have richer, creamier textures compared to hydrating moisturisers, and can generally have a higher concentration of emollients that leave a layer of moisture to protect the skin against dehydration and external environmental stress. The richer and creamier textures also mean that they are more suited for those with drier skin that is prone to flakiness or require firming and lifting. Nonetheless, it does not mean that those with dry skin will not benefit from hydrating moisturisers. The best hydrating moisturisers can be used during the daytime or in the warmer months to give the skin a refreshing, cooling sensation.

How to select the best hydrating moisturiser?

To find the best Korean hydrating moisturiser for your skin, look for products that contain hyaluronic acid, beta-glucans, glycerin and vitamin E. These ingredients are excellent humectants that can retain hydration well to keep your skin plump and youthful-looking. Alternatively, you can also find naturally hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, cucumber, chia seed and oats. Not only are they rich in hydration, but they are also packed with skin-loving antioxidants to boost your skin’s immunity!

A rule of thumb in finding the best Korean hydrating moisturiser for all skin types, including sensitive skin is to avoid harsh ingredients like artificial fragrances, colouring, and parabens which can irritate and strip away moisture from the skin. If you have acne-prone skin, it is recommended to avoid hydrating moisturisers that contain wax or occlusive oils, and instead, stick to the oil-free formula.

Some hydrating moisturisers are boosted with other benefits like brightening and whitening, wrinkle care, intensive calming and repairing properties to cater to different skin concerns with the addition of natural and scientific ingredients. The addition of these skin-loving boosters help increase the skin’s natural defences and when paired with active ingredients from the rest of your Korean skincare products such as toners, essence, serums and ampoules, it will amplify the overall synergy of different skincare ingredients and give your skin the most benefit!

Choosing the best Korean hydrating moisturiser for your skin is much easier than you probably think. Explore the various hydrating moisturisers from BONIIK’s selection of Korean beauty brands to suit your individual skin type and skin concerns, as well as build a proper Korean skincare routine!