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Sun protection is one of the most important steps of a skincare routine as it helps block harmful UV rays that can cause skin damage and premature aging. Physical sunscreens work by reflecting the sun's rays, while Chemical sunscreens work by converting UV rays into heat. Regardless of the formula, our selection of sunscreens are suitable for daily use and can be used even underneath makeup to provide protection to the skin.


Recently, there have been concerns over Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and Protection Grade of UV-A (PA) standards between Korean and Australian brand sunscreens. As there is no fixed international standard of measurement, the SPF and PA may be different from what appears on the packaging. In order to ensure that your beloved K-Beauty sunscreens meet the required standards, they are now undergoing proper reassessment. If the results show that the protection factor is not sufficient to meet the Australian standards, the products’ formula and ingredients will be upgraded.

Meanwhile, please wait for updates on the process and results from us. We thank you for your kind understanding and support.