Being one of the most important steps of any skincare routine, Korean sunscreen should be used on a daily basis regardless of the weather. Despite a common misconception that you do not require sunscreens on a cloudy or rainy day, our skin is still exposed to UV rays therefore adequate sun protection will always be necessary.

Types of K beauty sunscreen

Korean sun cream Australia can be classified into 2 main categories, based on the way in which each sun cream works.

  • Physical Sunscreen: Physical sunscreens are commonly known as mineral sunscreen, sunblock, because of their ability to provide the skin with a protective shield that bounces off harmful rays. Common ingredients used in best physical sunscreen Australia are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide
  • Chemical Sunscreen: Chemical sunscreens are often termed ‘sunscreens’ because of the way in which they work- filtering the sun’s rays. Chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin, when UV rays come in contact with the skin a chemical reaction occurs and this UV energy will change into heat which is then lost.

Neither physical nor chemical sunscreen is better or worse than the other; the choice of the formulation will depend on your skin type and personal preference. Those with sensitive skin would benefit from physical sunscreens as they leave a layer of protection instead of absorbing into the skin and creating a chemical reaction. Physical sunscreens can often leave a white cast when they sit on the skin’s surface whereas chemical sunscreens generally leave a sheer, blendable finish without a white cast. Nonetheless, preventing white cast in sunscreen is relatively simple, you can apply a tinted moisturiser, foundation or powder over your sun cream to soften the appearance of white cast and match it with your natural skin tone.

How to use Korean sunscreen Australia?

Korean sunscreen Australia is applied at the final step of your skincare routine, after layering your skincare products such as essences, serums or ampoules, facial oil and balm, spot care and moisturisers. Ideally, you should apply sunscreen about 15-20 minutes prior to sun exposure to ensure that the product has adequate time to sink into your skin especially when you are using chemical sunscreen. For physical sun creams, they provide almost immediate protection because of the way they provide a shield on the surface of your skin.

Because sunscreens naturally break down on our skin when exposed to light and UV rays, it is crucial to reapply them every 2 hours to ensure that the active ingredients remain on your skin to prevent damage and sunburns. Apart from that, reapplication is necessary because there is a tendency to apply inadequate sunscreen to provide the skin with the utmost protection. There are a few ways to reapply sunscreens, the most common way would be to touch up with a beauty sponge and light sunscreens that do not have a heavy, creamy formula. You can even wear makeup foundation or cushions that contain sun protection to work as your ‘secondary sunscreen’ n top of the sun cream Australia that you have layered.

After applying sunscreens, you can layer your makeup as usual and apply facial mists as needed to keep your skin looking fresh, hydrated and plump. When removing sunscreen, you can opt for an oil-based makeup remover such as cleansing oil, balm, milk or water to gently dissolve traces of impurities and clarify your skin. Follow with a toner pad or patch to ensure that your skin is clear of any remaining impurities to prevent clogged pores and troubled skin. Applying a hydrating mask after sun exposure is recommended to prevent dehydration and redness, as well as keeping your skin smooth and calm.

Being one of the most important steps of your daytime skincare routine regardless of the weather or season, K beauty sunscreens should never be skipped as they also work by preventing premature aging of the skin as a result of sun damage, formation of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, as well as other unwanted skin concerns. Shop the best Korean sunscreen Australia at BONIIK from our selection of popular K beauty brands to find the perfect sun cream Australia for your skin!