Korean Eye Patches

These eye patches are packed with hydration and nutrients to cater to common skin concerns that you may experience such as dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, eye bags, or lack of vitality of the skin. Unlike conventional mask sheets, mask packs or other types of masks applied onto the rest of your body like a sleeping mask and nose mask, lip and eye masks are specifically formulated for the most delicate and sensitive parts of your face. Furthermore, since the skin around your eyes is almost half as thin as the skin on other parts of your face, extra care is required and ensuring that it receives adequate nourishment and moisture is key in preventing early signs of premature aging.

How to use a Korean eye mask?

The best Korean eye patches are supposed to be used within your skincare routine, to get your skin brighter and reduce dark circles or tired eyes.

To get the best out of your Korean eye mask and ensure that your skin gets maximum nourishment, first ensure that any eye makeup and impurities have been removed with a face cleanser of your choice. Next, carefully place the eye masks onto the skin around your eyes, around the orbital bone. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and remove it, then gently tap the remaining essence using your ring finger before continuing with your remaining skincare steps. Korean eye masks can also be applied onto your forehead and smile lines to help deliver deep hydration and plump skin to give it an instant boost of moisture.

For quick relief of puffy or tired eyes, you can place your best Korean eye mask inside the refrigerator before applying them onto the skin around your eyes. It will also leave a more intensive cooling and soothing sensation.

How to choose the best Korean eye mask?

With numerous Korean eye masks in the market offering promising results to help relieve puffy eyes, diminish eye bags and brighten dark circles, the best method is to first identify your skin type and skin concerns. In general, an eye mask Australia can be safely used on all skin types thanks to its gentle formula that is designed for the most delicate areas of your face.

For those looking to brighten and whiten the appearance of dark under-eye circles, look for brightening and whitening ingredients such as pearl extract, niacinamide or Vitamin C to brighten your skin tone. If you have puffy eyes that need quick relief with the a refreshing feeling, opt for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or a hydrogel eye patch to keep the area hydrated, and caffeine to de-puff your eyes. Finally, if you experience lines, wrinkles and eye bags, look for ingredients that repair and nourish the skin such as snail mucin, collagen, peptides or adenosine, which can help improve the appearance of premature aging signs and at the same time increase skin elasticity.

The best Korean eye patches will have natural ingredients like green tea extract, aloe vera leaf extract, vitamin e and other natural elements with anti inflammatory properties.

It's important not to use an eye patch if you have irritated skin - your sensitive skin around your eye is delicate and needs to be adequately cared for.

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