Different Korean eye makeup products

There are different types of Korean eye makeup products to complete any Korean makeup that suits your style! Using a combination of these products can complement and define your eye shape by giving it added dimension, whether you are going for a bold, elegant, playful, or even just a simple day-to-day eye makeup style.


Eye Shadow: Eye shadows work by providing your eyes with a wash of colour. They come in different formulations such as powder, liquid or cream-based, with a variety of finishes to choose from. You can easily find matte, sparkling or glitter eye shadows and mix them together to create a stunning eye makeup look; even shades that will match your lip makeup!


  • Eye Liner: Eye liners work by enhancing the shape of your eyes, giving them a larger appearance or a lifted look such as the wing eyeliner
  • Mascara: Mascaras provide your lashes with added length, volume and often gives it a curled finish. This helps give your eyes a brighter and livelier appearance effortlessly in just a few swipes! Mascara wands come in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Eye Brow Pencil: No eye makeup look is complete without perfect eyebrows. Eye brow pencils or tints are used to fill and draw your desired eyebrow shape, giving them a natural-looking finish. You can use an eyebrow mascara, often called a brow-cara to give it a fuller look and at the same time sets and tames your eyebrows.


How to use Korean eye makeup

Korean eye makeup is used to enhance your eyes and give it added dimension. Before applying any eye makeup, it is always recommended to start with your basic skin care routine and ensure that you have applied eye cream to help de-puff and brighten the appearance of dark circles. Providing your eyes with adequate moisture before makeup application can prevent your makeup products from seeping into fine lines or uneven skin texture.


Because eye makeup tends to be more detailed, it is recommended to use a small-sized Korean makeup brush with gentle, soft tip that will not feel hard or rough on your eyes. Alternatively, you can use the tip of your ring finger to carefully apply Korean eye makeup products such as eye shadow. When using eye liners, or any brush, pen tip to apply your Korean eye makeup, it is important to ensure that it is soft enough to easily glide on your eyelids while leaving a smudge-free finish. If your eyes tend to be sensitive, opt for products that have an optamologically-tested formula.


Whether your eye makeup should be applied before or after your face makeup will depend on your personal preference. While some may choose to start doing their eye makeup while waiting for the rest of their Korean face makeup to set, others choose to do it after their face makeup is complete.


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