And while you may not see signs of significant sun damage, chilblains from seasonal weather changes or other skin conditions from mid-life crisis and environmental assaults, you aren’t immune to these possibilities! Having a regular healthy skin care routine for normal skin types is just as important as maintaining the condition of oily, dry and sensitive skin.

The best normal skin care routines tick off all the basics that every skin type needs, including a daily use of gentle wash or cleanser, a toner packed with skin-replenishing antioxidants, a use of a non-irritating and hydrating AHA or BHA exfoliant, followed by moisturiser with skin-restoring and skin-soothing ingredients. Normal skin care routines can also include a sunscreen with SPF, or adding a collagen-boosting antioxidant serum. Even normal skin requires a robust amount of nutrients to nourish the skin and defend it against the environment.


Normal Skin Types: The features

If you possess “normal skin”, it’s not too dry, not too oil. It can be classified as “just right!”. Normal skin also features:

  • Little to no imperfections
  • No severe skin sensitivity
  • Barely visible pores
  • Holds a radiant complexion


Boniik’s Shopping Tips!

If your normal skin type leans on the slightly dry side or has a few wrinkles here and there, keep an eye out for normal skin products that look to “revitalise” the skin, or promote “day-by-day” skin care maintenance. Alternatively, if your skin tends to be slightly oily or combination on certain days, our “skin cleansing” and “essential all-in-one” products should definitely help you get ahead of your skin care issues.

You can also base your skin care decisions on your personal preferences. When skin is considered ‘normal’, you have a variety of texture options available to you. You may find it more beneficial to enrich your skin with creamy, nutrient-rich products during the night. Or, you may prefer a weightless, water-based product for day time use.

However, you most certainly want to avoid products that could potentially cause skin problems, or create a skin type that you don’t want. Avoid skin care products that are “oil-based” as these treatments are specifically designed to retain, and lock moisture into the pores causing future breakouts. If you are also using abrasive scrubs or too-stiff cleansing bristle brushes, you could potentially aggravate the surface of your skin and damage the protective layers. We want to keep your skin looking natural and glowing. Throwing your skin in a state of disorder is something you definitely want to avoid!

Even if you classify your skin as ‘truly normal’, a fantastic skin care routine is a fundamental essential in keeping your skin the way it is as long as possible! Regardless of how glowing your normal skin type is now, factors including ageing, the cumulative effects of sun damage, seasonal changes and lifestyle changes can eventually take a toll on your skin and show up!

At Boniik, our goal is to keep your gorgeous skin energised, vibrant and healthy, warding off signs of ageing and other skin issues as the years go by! Browse our extensive selection of skin care treatments for normal skin types! Unsure about your particular skin type? Find out your specific skin type before you embark on your journey for radiant, healthy skin.