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*We are the official distributor of MAKE P:REM in Australia.*

Make P:rem stands for Make + Pragmatism + Remedy, with a core focus is to be efficient and effective in delivering the best quality products using minimalist, simple ingredients that are skin-friendly and natural. Their Micro Trans-MoistureTM  Technology focuses on increasing skin's ability to absorb moisture and maintain skin moisture levels at the same time. Make P:rem's products are EWG approved and contain naturally derived ingredients with mild formulas to relieve dryness and irritation for sensitive skin.

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Why we adore MAKE P:REM | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Makeup in Australia

Why we adore MAKE P:REM

MAKE P:REM | Make, Pragmatism, Remedy

MAKE P:REM's gentle formula with the use of EWG-rated ingredients caught our eyes when we first came across this brand.

MAKE P:REM products are all about effective, functional and safe ingredients. The entire Safe Me line is specially formulated to match skin’s pH level of 5.5, which maintains skin's health while strengthening moisture barrier. What also fascinated us is the use of EWG-rated ingredients in every Safe Me range products. This benefits all skin types, especially for super sensitive and irritated skin, making us feel safe about what we are putting onto their skin.