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What is Korean lipstick?

Korean lipstick is a lip makeup product that gives vivid colour to your lips. Unlike lip tints or lip gloss, lipstick Australia provides a higher level of coverage and more intense shades. In addition, lipsticks are denser, creamier in texture as they include ingredients such as waxes, oils and other emollients.

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Lipsticks come in slim, cylindrical shapes that can be easily slipped into any makeup pouch or purse, making them portable for quick, hassle-free makeup touchups on the go.

Types of Korean lipstick

Korean lipstick Australia comes in a variety of finishes in a myriad of shades. Depending on the style and makeup look that you are looking to achieve, below are the most commonly found types of lipstick online.

  • Sheer or Satin: Sheer or satin lipsticks provide lighter coverage with a smooth, slightly glossy and natural finish. They are ideal for day to day use or if you are looking to achieve a no-makeup look, or prefer a more subtle yet long-lasting wash of colour
  • Creamy: Creamy lipsticks are enriched with oils and butter from plants or seeds, giving it a smooth, buttery texture that glides effortlessly on the lips. Creamy lipsticks are excellent for those with drier lips and for colder weather as they also help in retaining adequate moisture levels.
  • Matte: Matte lipsticks provide your lips with a velvet-like, shine-free finish that looks bold and sophisticated. With vivid colour payoff, matte lipsticks provide smooth, intense colours that can conceal patchy lips or uneven shades
  • Glossy or Shiny: Glossy or shiny lipsticks provide a lustrous finish and an illusion of fuller, plumper lips. They are perfect for those with thin and dry lips as they leave a glossy, glass-like finish with highly pigmented shades to hide dry, rough and uneven patches. Some glossy lipsticks are also infused with added hydration and emollients to leave the lips feeling comfortable and moist.
  • Metallic: Metallic lipsticks contain pigments and flecks of metal that reflect light and give your lips a smooth, pearl-like shine that stands out.

When shopping for lipstick online, it is important to identify the type of finish that it will give your lips. Another tip to buy lipstick online is to ensure that the ingredients in it are safe to use on the lips. It is recommended to avoid ingredients such as parabens, harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and drying alcohols that can cause irritation or excessive dryness in those with hypersensitive skin.

How to use Korean lipstick?

When using Korean lipstick Australia, it is important to first ensure that you are working with clean lips by using a lip and eye makeup remover to eliminate any residue or impurities. Before swiping your lipstick, you can apply a layer of lip balm to leave a smooth base and allow your lipstick to stay on for longer durations without flaking or clumping. Add a lip liner if you prefer, for a fuller appearance and to even out your lips by giving it an outline before swiping on your lip makeup. To apply your Korean lipstick Australia, simply swipe it onto your lips until you achieve the desired finish; you can also mix different colours to create a gradation effect, and then blend with your fingertips or a lip brush.

To complete your lip makeup, you can add a touch of lip gloss to enhance its shine for effortlessly plumper and healthier-looking lips. Alternatively, you can lightly dust setting powder for a mattified finish.

Korean lipsticks are among the most popular lip makeup products worldwide and can be used by everyone on any occasion. They complement your overall makeup look and clothing while letting you express your personality in creative ways. Shop the best lipstick in Australia at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skin care and makeup store in Australia!