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What are Korean concealer and correctors?

Korean concealer and corrector makeup is a face makeup product that has a thick consistency to help hide and improve the appearance of facial imperfections. These include dark circles, wrinkles, scars, uneven skin texture and dull-looking skin tone. The purpose of Korean concealer online and corrector online is to help give your face a more even and smooth base before layering coloured makeup products.

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Concealers usually come in the form of a liquid or cushion that is easily blendable into your foundation or other Korean face makeup products; whereas correctors can be in the form of a liquid, balm or cream. Regardless of its formulation, concealers and correctors are handy makeup products to provide quick fixes to your skin, especially when it is acting up or experiencing sudden unwanted breakouts.

Although concealer and correctors serve very similar purposes, they both have their unique features and identifying them can make a difference in selecting the best Korean makeup products you’re your skin. Identifying the main difference between concealer and corrector is simple. Just as their names say, concealer online is used to hide or cover up imperfections on your face. The purpose of a corrector is to fix your skin tone or complexion by neutralizing red spots, brightening dull-looking skin, giving dark areas of your face added luminosity for a naturally, flawless complexion.

How to use Korean concealer and corrector

Before applying Korean concealer and corrector, always start with your foundation, BB/CC cream or makeup base to give your face a smooth and even appearance. Apply concealer over blemishes, uneven skin tone or texture and use light, quick dabbing motions with a moist makeup sponge or beauty blender to smooth it out. You can apply concealer under your eyes to help improve the appearance of dark circles and eye bags.

On the other hand, because correctors are meant to colour correct your skin, you can use different colours for different purposes. For example, apply green colour corrector over red and flushed areas; purple to brighten dull-looking skin; peach or pink to cover pigmentation and scars. Colour correctors are used in the same manner as concealers, by applying them on top of your foundation or face makeup base.

After using Korean concealer and corrector on desired areas on your face, follow with the rest of your makeup to complete your look! Both Korean concealer online and corrector online can be used together with face powder, blush, as well as contour and highlighter.

Other unique uses of Korean concealer

A unique use of concealer is to use them in place of your eyeshadow base. Simply apply a thin layer of concealer over your eyelids and lightly blend with a beauty sponge. Once it is slightly dry to the touch, apply your eye shadow and other eye makeup products. Not only will this help even out skin tone, it also helps your eye makeup stay fresh without oxidising for longer durations.

Aside from priming your eyes, concealers can be an ideal lip primer as well, giving it an even base for smoother lip makeup application while preventing lines and cracks to look visible.

When shopping for Korean concealer online, it is recommended to select a colour that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation in order for it to look as natural as possible without any harsh lines when applied. Since your skin tone is prone to seasonal changes depending on the amount of sun exposure, having more than 1 concealer shade is also advisable.

When buying correctors online, a key is to use a colour wheel to pick the right Korean corrector online. If your skin has redness, acne and rosacea, opt for a green corrector; if you have visible veins and dark circles, use a yellow corrector. Shop our wide selection of Korean beauty, skin care and makeup products from the best beauty brands at BONIIK!