Unlike other makeup brands, 3CE Australia makeup products can be used on all skin types. To make the most out of your makeup, it is always advisable to apply proper skin care to create a smooth and flawless base as well as prevent your makeup from caking or clumping.


Popular 3CE Products

Some of 3CE’s most iconic products include their multi-coloured 3CE eyeshadow palette and 3CE lipstick. The eyeshadow palette comes in 2 sizes, a miniature version with 4 colours and a standard size that comes in 9 colours. The combination of colours within the same eye makeup palette allows you to achieve different makeup looks just by using the same product and they add dimension to your eyes. Apart from their soft, yet pigmented shades, 3CE eyeshadows Australia have a fine, powder texture that adheres and blends easily on your eyelids with minimal fallout. To make your eye makeup appear more vibrant and last longer, simply use an eyeshadow base beforehand.


If you ask anyone about what product comes to mind when they hear 3CE, the likely answer would be their 3CE lipstick. 3CE lipstick has become one of their best sellers since its establishment with various finishes like matte, semi-matte or glossy with different levels of opacity to suit your style. Explore 3CE lipstick colour and we are certain that you will find the perfect shade to match your desired look!


If you love all things colourful, cute and unique, 3CE is the makeup brand that you must try! With almost every shade of red and pink available, it is easy to fall in love with 3CE Australia lipstick and eyeshadow. Shop 3CE at BONIIK and explore our wide selection of Korean beauty brands available!

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