Who will benefit from nourishing moisturiser?

Because of their rich, highly concentrated texture, nourishing moisturiser Australia is highly beneficial to those with dry, mature skin that needs a boost of moisture to keep it firm, elastic and revitalized. As the skin goes through its inevitable aging process, it loses elasticity and collagen over time which makes the skin barrier weak, prone to damage, and sensitivity.

As a result, wrinkles and fine lines become more apparent and the skin may appear to be sagging or dull and lifeless. Korean nourishing moisturiser will aid in maintaining optimal moisture levels, stimulate cell turnover, soften wrinkles, lighten dark spots and restore the skin’s vitality with a healthy glow. On top of that, their creamy textures can form a layer of moisture with an abundance of nutrients for instant comfort and deep moisture that goes into the different layer of the skin, to effectively target individual skin concerns.

Nourishing moisturisers come in a different formulation such as emulsion, gel-creams and richly moisturising cream textures, to suit different skin types and personal preferences for the best Korean moisturisers. Those with dry and mature skin will benefit greatly from the rich, creamy-textured moisturizers, while those with oily and combination skin will likely prefer the emulsion or gel-cream type nourishing moisturisers that have non-comedogenic yet still highly nutritious creams to fight wrinkles and supply hydration to give the skin a firmer and bouncier texture.

Similar in terms of texture to deeply moisturising moisturiser, the best nourishing moisturiser Australia nonetheless contains a higher concentration of active ingredients to suit mature skin types. Deeply moisturising moisturisers are recommended for those with early-mature, dry and flaky skin; or for the colder and drier seasons. In contrast, clarifying moisturisers and hydrating moisturisers tend to have much lighter consistencies that work by controlling excess sebum, increase water levels and keep skin balanced for a young, fresh-looking and dewy complexion. Both clarifying and hydrating moisturisers are more suited for younger age groups as well as those with oily, combination or normal skin.

How to select the best nourishing moisturiser?

Before you buy the best Korean nourishing moisturiser for your skin, it is always recommended to ensure that the ingredients found in these moisturisers cater to the needs of your skin. Best nourishing moisturiser Australia generally contain ingredients like peptides, adenosine, collagen, niacinamide and Korean traditional herbs such as ginseng, nokyong and various mushrooms.

The synergy of these deeply nourishing ingredients provides the skin with excellent, long-lasting nourishment to rejuvenate tired skin by increasing skin cell turnover to fade aging signs. Apart from their regeneration abilities, Korean nourishing moisturisers can help restore the skin’s health by boosting its immunity and defences against external environmental factors.

Just like selecting other skincare steps of your Korean skincare routine from cleansers, toners, essences/serums/ampoules, a rule of thumb to follow is to avoid highly perfumed nourishing moisturisers that contain drying alcohols, harsh ingredients or even artificial colouring which can strip away moisture from the skin or cause unwanted irritation. The best Korean nourishing moisturiser Australia are those that are made with a blend of both scientific and natural ingredients, allowing your skin to get the best of both groups of ingredients!

If you have oily skin that is prone to acne and other skin troubles look for nourishing moisturisers that have lighter textures such as an emulsion, lotion or gel cream. With these lighter textures that absorb quickly and have a mattifying, non-comedogenic formula, your skin will still be able to reap the nutrients without greasy or sticky residue.

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