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Article: Let's Find the Makeup Looks for You with 3CE! 💋


Let's Find the Makeup Looks for You with 3CE! 💋

Open the doors to beauty, confidence and perfection with 3CE! 3CE stands for 3 Concept Eyes, an innovative Korean cosmetic brand by the well-known fashion brand Stylenanda. 3CE was first launched in 2009 and since then, has been known for their trendy and lively-coloured makeup products that lets you achieve your desired look in all kinds of ways. Their products come in unique, travel friendly and cute packaging which makes them stand out from your makeup vanity. With a range of makeup products from highly pigmented eyeshadows, lip stick, eyeliners, blushers and even versatile lip and face palettes, 3CE was born to let you create a stylish, modern and sophisticated look effortlessly.

Here are four different makeup inspirations created using 3CE Australia products that will give you a reason to wake up and makeup, and conquer your day with confidence!

Urban Chic

3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color Brilliant | Lipstick | BONIIK

A flawless, trendy and simple makeup look that will breathe new life onto your skin!

What you will need:

For this 3CE makeup look, the main focus is to achieve glowing skin to look like you are not wearing any makeup! This versatile makeup look is perfect to match any of your day to day outfits for any occasion.

Start with a hydrating primer to ensure that your makeup does not look dry and it also helps achieve a smooth, moist-looking skin. If you are unable to cover all your blemishes, that's okay! Because we are trying to achieve a natural, glassy look, so a few blemishes here and there won't hurt! Apply a thin layer of CC cream, just enough to lightly cover your entire face. You don't want to go overboard and try to cover every single blemish with this because it will cause your makeup to look overly thick and cakey. CC cushion is perfect to use when you want to achieve a glassy, dewy complexion because of its lighter texture and sheer coverage compared to a foundation or BB cream.

To achieve natural looking contours, apply just enough 3CE blush to add a flush of color. Select a blush color that closely matches your skin tone. It helps to smile or suck your cheeks in to see the apples of your cheeks. If you have a narrower or heart-shaped face, sweep the blush horizontally towards your ears to soften your chin. Enhance your skin's dewy appearance by highlighting the highest parts of your face.

Use a soft, neutral 3CE makeup palette for your eyes, give it 2-3 layers or as needed until the colors are visible but not dominating. To give more dimension to your eyes, apply a glittery eye switch on the front corners of your eyes and along the lower lash line. This will make your eyes will appear brighter and awakened. We recommend 3CE Overtake which comprises of soft, pinkish and brown shades that is universally flattering regardless of your skin undertones!

As a final step to create this urban chic look, apply a glossy 3CE lipstick or 3CE lip tint with a neutral shade that closely resembles the overall tone of your face and eye makeup for a sleek, natural look.

Full of Charm

3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette #Plot Twist | Eye Shadow | BONIIK

Create this alluring, elegant, and sophisticated makeup looks that never goes out of style!

What you will need

With a focus on striking the right balance of colors, this classy makeup look is all about creating defined eyes and lips, with luxuriously glowing cheeks that will add charm to your formal, elegant outfits.

Begin with a sheer, dewy foundation to illuminate your skin and concealer to hide blemishes and achieve a smooth, glossy base. Foundations offer a fuller coverage compare BB or CC creams, and they usually have buildable texture which allows you to touch up or add on the product later on. Foundations also generally last longer and are less likely to break apart. You can also apply your foundation with a wet sponge for lighter coverage which will give you a dewy, glass-like finish. Add a light shade of face blush and ensure that it is well blended because you want the blush to appear as light as possible but while still giving a flush of color.

Want to perfect this 3CE makeup look? Here is our pro tip! The best 3CE eyeshadow palette would be something that comprises of brown, neutral tones like 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette #Plot Twist. Use colors that closely match your skin tone and apply a darker shade on the outer corners to make your eyes appear brighter. Follow with a thin layer of liquid eyeliner across your upper lash line that extends to about 5mm from the outer corner of your eyes. If you are having trouble with a brush liquid eyeliner, you can rest your elbow on a flat, steady surface like your makeup table. Alternatively, you can always opt for a creamy pencil eyeliner and it will give you similar results. 

A gradation lip with nude colors pairs well with this makeup look because it does not make your lips appear too bold, yet still gives an elegant and soft finish. 3CE Cloud Lip Tint can help you achieve this thanks to its soft, fluffy and matte finish that can be blended easily. Experiment with a few different shades, or simply use one colour and gently buff it using the tip of your fingers.

Strawberry Delight

3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot Holly Hock | Makeup Balm | BONIIK

Be the centre of attention with this makeup look that reminds us of fresh, juicy strawberries!

What you will need:

For this makeup look, the focus is on expressing lovely, cute blossom cheeks with juicy, dewy and plump looking lips. Pair it with a relaxed dress or top for a modern, feminine look.

Start with a lightweight, moisturising base that has a decent amount of coverage to brighten and even out your skin tone, which will help bring out the colors of the blush. A thin layer is sufficient, and the harder-to-cover blemishes can be covered using a concealer. BB creams are ideal for this look because the colors blend in easily with your skin tone without becoming grayish or dark.

Because the main focus of this makeup look is to create rosy, blossom cheeks, you want to use a cream blush that gives you a dewy appearance. But if you are a beginner, we recommend applying the Take A Layer Multipot, a wet powder-type of blush that blends easily with your skin tone without looking streaky or powdery while still giving you the moist-looking appearance.

Use light, cherry blossom shades on your eyes for cute and romantic looking eyes. Add a touch of glitter eye shadow on the middle part of your eyelids to make the eyes appear brighter. Using the darkest pink shade on the eye shadow palette on the outer corners to add a subtle, yet defined dimension to the eyes. Alternatively, you can use a brown pencil eyeliner to make them look bigger without being too dramatic, to maintain that cute, sweet and romantic style.

Achieve juicy, dewy and fuller-looking lips by using a 3CE lip tint or apply a light layer of 3CE lipstick. Then, add a layer of lip gloss so that your lips appear shinier and the uneven cracks are covered. If you have thinner lips, it is recommended to use 3CE Plumping Lips instead for added volume.

All Nighter

3CE One Color Shadow Shimmer Saturn | Eye Shadow | BONIIK

Pair this glamorous makeup with a stunning outfit and darling, you are going to be the belle of the ball!

What you will need:

This makeup is all about creating glamorous looking eyes and defined lips with a touch of sophisticated gold and rosy colors to compliment your evening outfit!

Start with a primer, high coverage foundation and concealer for this night makeup look to prevent your makeup from fading away easily and it gives your skin an illuminated base to make your eyes and lips stand out. Highlight and contour your face using a pinkish blush to accentuate your cheeks, and a contour stick to make your face appear slimmer.

Use a shimmering eye shadow to make your eyes stand out, and opt for a darker shade to give them a bold, vivid appearance. Add some sparkle on the inner corners or your eyes and along your lower lash line with an eye switch to give your eyes a brilliant shine. To accentuate your eyes further, use black liquid eyeliner and draw a thicker line that tapers as you reach the outer corner of your eyes. Extend this 'tail' to about 10-12 mm from your eyes and draw a wing. Combine this with false lashes to make your eyes appear brighter and bigger.

Finish your makeup routine with a lip liner and darker-colored, matte 3CE lipstick to give your lips a bold appearance and pucker up because you are ready to go!


Now you are totally ready to walk through that door! Remember, keep your chin up and smile with confidence because you are beautiful inside and outside! Let us know in the comments which makeup look you have tried and which one you are most excited to try.


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