AROMATICA & BEYOND - Give Your Hair the Treatment and Care it Deserves

Invest in your hair, you wear it everyday and it is the crown you will never take off! While using the right shampoo and conditioner seems to get most of the job done, it is important that your hair gets the extra treatment and care it deserves, so you can look and feel your best at all times! Discover our wide selection of special treatments for your hair from exfoliators, tonics to styling products from AROMATICA and BEYOND.

AROMATICA is a beauty brand that is centred around creating effective and environmentally sustainable products, and are now moving towards becoming an organic skincare brand. With a firm belief in unique formulas inspired by apothecary and knowledge from aromatherapy, AROMATICA strives to deliver safe products to restore beauty. Their products are free from silicons and sulfates, making them safe for all skin types.

BEYOND is a brand that focuses on delivering products with safe and reliable ingredients using ECO Beauty Lab. Their mission is to protect and provide the skin with benefits derived from natural ingredients, relief stress on its consumers regarding product and ingredient safety, while protecting the natural environment.


Lustrous Hair Begins at the Roots

Rejuvenate and strengthen your hair roots with these selection of scalp exfoliators and tonics, because glamorous hair starts from the roots and healthy scalp.

AROMATICA Rosemary Scalp Scrub | Hair Care | BONIIK

Keep your scalp clean and clear from excess sebum, build up of impurities and dead skin cells with AROMATICA Rosemary Scalp Scrub. This physical exfoliator is formulated with rosemary, brinjal, coriander and oregano to cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp, leaving it feeling refreshed. It also contains salt granules from the Dead Sea to help remove dead skin cells and impurities that clog hair follicles; the salt granules melt easily upon contact with water so you don't have to worry about going through the trouble of rinsing it off later.

Use this scalp exfoliator as a first step before shampooing your hair. Apply directly wet hair and scalp, then massage gently using your fingertips, add some water to lather if needed. It is recommended that you exfoliate your scalp 2-3 times a week, depending on your needs.


AROMATICA Rosemary Root Enhancer | Hair Care | BONIIK

Strengthen your hair roots and nourish your scalp with these hair tonics from AROMATICA! AROMATICA Rosemary Root Enhancer is a hair tonic formulated with rosemary, biotin and black food complex which includes black beans, black rice, black sesame, mulberry, eggplant and black pepper. It helps strengthen weak hair while revitalizing the scalp to prevent thinning hair and soothe sensitive scalp.


AROMATICA Rosemary Active V Anti-Hair Loss Tonic | Hair Care | BONIIK

Prevent hair loss and damage with AROMATICA Active V Anti-Hair Loss Tonic. This complex hair tonic contains rosemary, botanical herbs and black food complex that gently cleanses and reenergizes the scalp. These ingredients strengthen roots to prevent hair fall and protect from damage. When applied, it instantly cools gives a refreshing, minty sensation that stimulates the scalp.


AROMATICA Tea Tree Purifying Tonic | Hair Care | BONIIK

Refresh and purify your scalp with AROMATICA Tea Tree Purifying Tonic. This cooling hair tonic is formulated with peppermint to instantly provide your scalp with cooling effects and freshness, while controlling excess sebum and relieving itchiness.

To use these hair tonics, spray an even amount directly on the scalp using the nozzle and gently massage using your fingertips.


Love is in the Hair Mask

There are so many fun things you can do with your hair from experimenting with different hair styles at home to something more permanent like getting a perm, permanent hair straightening, or even commanding your stylist to dye it with trendy colours. We have to admit, it is exciting to see how your hair can completely transform your looks within a few hours, but unless you've always wanted to become Lion King, nourishing and keeping your hair moisturised is extremely important because frequent styling will eventually cause dryness and damage to your precious mane.

AROMATICA Quinoa Protein Shampoo | Hair Care | BONIIK

Indulge your hair in rich and healing shampoo like AROMATICA Repair Hair Mask, which is formulated with quinoa protein, pracaxi and almonds that hat are rich in nutrients and collagen to replenish the hair's moisture and gloss. The rich formula is easy to use and penetrates well to treat each hair strand.

AROMATICA Rosemary 3-In-1 Treatment | Hair Care | BONIIKIf you are looking for a one-step solution to damage repair from root to tip, AROMATICA Rosemary 3-in-1 Treatment is a must-have! This versatile treatment does not only repair damaged hair to bring back your hair's natural gloss and health, but it also provides scalp care by providing it with nutrients to keep it moisturised and calm. After all, beautiful hair begins at the scalp. This hair treatment does not weigh your hair down or leave a sticky feeling as it is made of 80.97% natural ingredients and no silicons. Its creamy, dense texture clings on the hair well to effectively deliver nutrients.

We recommend applying your hair treatment mask at least once a week, depending on your hair's needs. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, use a towel to remove excess water and apply the hair mask evenly all over your hair length. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off. Be amazed by the visible results and before long, you will be able to show off your glamorous style!


Add Extra Shine to Your Tresses

Flaunt your hair anytime, anywhere because shiny hair always looks gorgeous! Prevent dryness, cracking and dull-looking hair with BEYOND Argan Therapy line, a hair care series infused with Moroccan Argan, Monoi and Macadamia Ternifolia seed oil grown on unpolluted environments free from chemicals and pesticides. Together, these oils provide your hair with an abundance of moisture and nutrients to deeply moisturise it and leave a shiny, smooth finish.

BEYOND Argan Therapy Moisture Essence | Hair Care | BONIIK

BEYOND Argan Therapy Moisture Essence is a moisturising oil-type treatment for dry, damaged and weak hair. The delicate, silky formula absorbs quickly into the hair and does not weigh it down, making it suitable for daily use. The moisture essence does not only moisturise and nourish dry hair, but it also leaves your hair strands glossier and healthy-looking


BEYOND Argan Therapy Signature Oil | Hair Care | BONIIK

If you are a frequent user of heat styling tools like blowdryers and curling irons, we recommend using BEYOND Argan Therapy Signature Oil which is a concentrated hair treatment oil boosted with coconut oil for intensive moisture. Despite its slightly viscous and rich texture, this hair oil does not weigh your hair down nor leave a thick layer of oil behind (yikes!) because of its quick absorbing formula.


BEYOND Argan Therapy Hair Mist | Hair Care | BONIIK

For those days where you need something quick and easy to instantly moisturise and add gloss to your hair, BEYOND Argan Therapy Hair Mist is your go-to hair moisturiser. With lightweight, non-sticky, oil-type consistency, this hair mist is quickly absorbed into the hair and its convenient spray bottle ensures that the mist is sprayed evenly throughout your hair length. In just a few sprays, your hair will instantly feel moisturised, soft to the touch and shiny!


BEYOND Argan Therapy Curling Essence | Hair Care | BONIIK

Boost and add more body to your curls with BEYOND Argan Therapy Curling Essence. This moisturising curling essence is enriched with Morocan Argan oil and Curl Memory Polymer, to help you style your hair effortlessly and enhance your curls while keeping your hair soft and smooth. After all, aren't we all queens crowned in our curls?

To use these hair oils and curling essence, apply them directly to damp or dry hair and style as usual. The result is nourished, silky and glossy hair that will turn heads around!


There you have it! Our special hair treatment collection to help you achieve healthy, lustrous, shiny hair just like you have always imagined! We hope you have found your perfect companions to embark on your hair care journey. Let us know in the comments which hair care products you have tried using or most keen to try!