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Article: Best Korean Luxury Skincare Brands


Best Korean Luxury Skincare Brands

Laugh, do a little twirl or happy dance and treat yourself to some Korean luxury beauty bliss! These fine Korean luxury skincare from our top brands like SULWHASOO, THE HISTORY OF WHOO, LANEIGE, HERA, IOPE, YEHWADAM and SU:M37 are love at first touch (or swipe, spray, whichever way you are applying them). Not only do they look superior on our vanity tables, they also feel comfortable on the skin for effective treatment of common skin concerns.

The best luxury Korean skincare products you are about to see have supremely elegant, silky-smooth and divine textures that work wonders in giving your skin that ‘oomph’, glass-skin glow, these splurge-worthy Korean beauty products are sure to bring joy to your daily Korean skincare routine! It is not surprising that these luxury skincare brands come at a cost, but they are worth the amazing results and luxurious experience that will get you through the year!



THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam | BONIIK Australia

Who else here feels that rush of excitement upon picking up a luxury product, and the joy when trying it on? Yes, we know that feeling! Why don’t we step up the excitement by telling you that THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam is made with the finest Korean herbal, traditional medicinal formula that has been tried and tested for centuries? THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam is the brand’s popular anti-aging skincare range with various lines within it, each of them catered to a particular age group and skin concern. Perfect for those looking to start their anti aging routine, or looking for highly effective anti wrinkle cream, serum and other skincare products.

THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Jeju Magnolia Pure Brightening Serum is the most popular brightening, whitening Korean skincare product that gives your skin a dewy, supple and silky-smooth finish when applied. Apart from its wonderful brightening and whitening effects that eliminates dark spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, it contains Korean ginseng and herbs that firm, lift and fade fine lines.



LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Water is one of the most fundamental needs of all living beings on Earth, and skin hydration is also our top priority when it comes to skincare. Whether you are a K-beauty aficionado or newbie, you have definitely encountered LANEIGE at some point in your Korean skincare journey. Known for their advanced ‘Water Science’ technology and belief that hydration is the key to healthy, luminous skin, the brand has established itself as hydration experts (as we like to call it).

The brand rose to fame when they mastered the LANEIGE Sleeping Mask and LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, which are intensive overnight skincare that repairs, softens and moisturises your skin and lips overnight! These iconic duo have taken the Korean beauty world by storm, with these products ranking as LANEIGE’s best selling items globally. The unique formulation of the LANEIGE water sleeping mask feature ingredients like hydro-ionized mineral water, green mineral water, blend of plant extracts and other antioxidants.



IOPE | BONIIK Australia

Powered by scientific research and development, IOPE is one of the most innovative high end luxury skincare brands in the market. By coupling the power of advanced plant science, knowledge of the skin’s natural biological activities, and advanced scientific processing methods, IOPE Stem III Ampoule is the brand’s best selling product. Formulated with high concentrations of Allanto-Liposome to firm, lift and rejuvenate dry, sagging skin and help restore your skin’s natural radiance.

In addition, if you are someone who can never get enough beauty sleep or have trouble catching up on your much-needed zzz’s, we have good news! IOPE Stem 3 Ampoule can relieve tired skin by making it look like you’ve had additional hours of rest. Psst… we are (probably) equally guilty of binge watching K-dramas until 2am.



SUM37 | BONIIK Australia

Sum-times, a little skin pampering session is all you need to get you motivated and energized throughout the day! There’s something so special about having silky-smooth, flawless skin staring back at you in the mirror. SU:M37 (pronounced soom) is a naturally fermented skincare brand that uses the power of natural, plant-based ingredients such as a blend of fruits and herbs. In case you were wondering why 37, this is the optimal temperature at which the ingredients are fermented to extract their vitality and skincare efficacy. After this fermentation process, the ingredients are then filtered out to create a bottle of SU:M37 skincare for your skin!

SU:M37 Secret Essence Special Set is a Korean skincare set that includes the brand’s best selling Korean facial essence - Secret Essence. This luxurious beauty set contains more than 80 different plant extract, niacinamide and antioxidants that will restore skin elasticity, brighten dull complexion. With its deeply moisturising, yet fresh and fast absorbing texture, this elegant skincare set is one that you need to add to your beauty regimen!




We are no stranger to this Korean luxury skincare brand from Amorepacific- SULWHASOO! Notable for its luxurious, aesthetically pleasing packaging, SULWHASOO entire brand is based upon the foundation of Asian medicinal wisdom to harmonise our body with nature. In doing this, SULWHASOO incorporates both herbal ingredients and advanced science to develop the best luxury Korean skincare products that target skin concerns such as dryness, loss of firmness, fine lines and dark age spots.

SULWHASOO Essential Comfort Balancing Emulsion is a hydrating lotion that wraps the skin in a sheer layer of moisture to refresh, soften and improve skin texture.  Formulated with peony extract and Beta-Glucan, it absorbs quickly into the skin, delivering deep hydration, and works to clarify skin complexion leaving it refined and smooth. Incorporate this into your skincare routine by using it after toner and before serums. For best results, tap a moderate amount into your palm and pat gently into skin.


Shop DONGINBI | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Dreaming of your next Korea trip? Let DONGINBI transport you there with their famous red ginseng skincare! DONGINBI offers top-notch, clinically tested skincare solutions that harnesses the adaptogenic properties of Korean Red Ginseng - widely nown for its powerful anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenating properties. The red ginseng found in DONGINBI products have gone through a six-year cultivation process from well cultivated land. Then, this red ginseng goes through a special steaming and drying process that preserves its repairing and detoxifying properties, to ensure effective delivery of nutrients to your skin.

DONGINBI 1899 Signature Oil is an opulent facial oil infused with a high concentration of 6 year old red ginseng extract, that firms, lifts and provides deep moisture to boost cell regeneration, repair and collagen production. Its silky smooth yet fast absorbing texture gives instant moisture to tired-looking, sagging and dry skin, leaving a healthy glow from within.


HERA | BONIIK Australia

What comes to your mind when you hear of HERA? Perhaps the powerful goddess of women from ancient Greek mythology. HERA is a contemporary Korean beauty and makeup brand that delivers alluring, high end beauty products to suit modern women. The brand’s mission is to help its customers have higher confidence in their own skin through the use of its innovative, trending and science-backed products.

HERA Black Cushion is a trendy Korean makeup product that provides seamless, flawless coverage with a smooth finish. With its special formula that prevents oxidation, it keeps your makeup looking fresh no matter your occasion. The sleek, stylish compact is also easy to carry around for those much-needed makeup touch ups throughout the day!




Whether you are a Korean beauty aficionado or beginner, we are certain that you would have encountered this Korean luxury skincare brand at some point. Known for their fancy, iconic bottles inspired by elegant dresses worn by Korean empresses, THE HISTORY OF WHOO is true to its name with its oriental medicinal formula that is favoured by the royal court beauties. This luxury skincare brand focuses on royal beauty which has been recreated and improved with modern science to deliver visible results and ageless complexion to all skin types.

Make a grand gesture to pamper your skin with Korean beauty’ finest skincare set -THE HISTORY OF WHOO Bichup Self Generating Essence Special 6pcs Set. This premium Korean beauty set formulated with powerful oriental herbs that gives incredibly soft, firm and revitalized skin for a healthy and fresh glow from within while improving the appearance of wrinkles.


Perfect your 10 step Korean skincare routine or any skincare routine with these premium Korean skincare, to enhance your skin’s inner glow, combat aging and sagging skin to make it supple, plump and firm. The decadent formula and luxurious texture in beautifully presented packaging is sure to get you excited and motivated to apply your daily skincare religiously! Shop the best luxury Korean skincare products at BONIIK - your K-beauty destination!


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