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Article: FEAT BY YOU Review: Nature-Derived Beauty, Driven by Science


FEAT BY YOU Review: Nature-Derived Beauty, Driven by Science


FEAT BY YOU is a Korean-Australian skincare brand established in 2023, that harnesses the power of pure, natural ingredients inspired by Australia’s diverse natural environments. Crafted to address one of the most common skin concerns faced by the younger generation in today’s era - acne, breakouts and oiliness, FEAT BY YOU emerges as a solution. FEAT BY YOU understands the frustration, disappointment and challenges faced by consumers that come with managing skin concerns. This does not only impact physical discomfort, but can impact self-assurance and overall wellness. As such, using groundbreaking, clinically proven formulations that lead to transformative and visible outcomes, FEAT BY YOU aims to be a steadfast companion on your journey towards healthier, happier and radiant skin!

Together, let’s bid farewell to the insecurities and vexations that have hindered you from embracing your natural beauty, or concealing imperfections behind Instagram filters because amazing skin starts here!

The Story Behind the Name

FEAT BY YOU | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Curious to know how this new brand got its name? Well, the word ‘feat’ signifies great, notable achievements that require strength and perseverance just like a skincare journey towards healthy complexion! In addition to that, the brand celebrates YOUR uniqueness and wants to feature this in a special way by encouraging self-expression.

With this in mind, FEAT BY YOU strives to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, serving as a supportive companion that walks alongside on your quest for flawless skin!


FEAT BY YOU | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

FEAT BY YOU promises solutions to effectively address acne-prone, troubled and blemished skin using science-backed solutions like no other. As a Korean-Australian beauty brand, they combine the best of Australian natural ingredients with K-beauty’s innovative, modern and technologically advanced processing methods to give its customers a skincare solution that works and delivers visible results.Not only does this help reduce trial and error for its customers, but it curates a skincare routine that is simple enough to consistently stick to!

Upholding ethical, sustainable practices that is kind to the environment, is another reason why FEAT BY YOU is a reliable beauty brand. Let’s dive into FEAT BY YOU’s brand mindset shall we?

Natural ingredients

By utilizing natural ingredients that focus on the well-being of the skin, at the same time avoiding harsh chemicals or irritants that can potentially cause adverse reactions, FEAT BY YOU skincare products are both gentle and non-toxic. This emphasis on natural beauty ingredients aims to promote a balanced and healthy complexion without compromising on the skin’s natural vitality.

Vegan-friendly and cruelty free

Caring for your skin and the planet, FEAT BY YOU says no to animal testing and cruelty. They avoid the use of any harsh chemicals to minimise risk of irritation while reducing environmental strain, which aligns with their values of compassion and responsibility.


To minimise environmental impact and reduce carbon footprint, FEAT BY YOU product utilises FSC certified, BPA-free and recyclable packaging. They also use ‘water-peel’ labels that can be removed easily to aid in the recycling process.


With simple, minimalistic formulations incorporating the beauty of advanced processing methods and ingredients that work well on all skin types, they are able to deliver visible results and improvements to your skin condition.


FEAT BY YOU encourages self-expression, feeling beautiful and proud in your own skin and embracing your uniqueness!

ViTassie Skincare Line

Meet FEAT BY YOU’s skincare line - ViTassie! Formulated with Kakadu Plum that is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, as well as Tasmanian Mountain Water for long lasting, deep hydration, this skincare line is set to be a new staple in your daily beauty regimen.

Why Kakadu Plum?

Kakadu Plum | FEAT BY YOU | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Kakadu Plum is a ‘superfood’ that is native to Australia, with the highest source of natural Vitamin C of any plant in the world. When used in skincare, it offers the skin numerous benefits thanks to its high Vitamin C and antioxidant content that brightens dull skin, smoothes out rough patches by boosting cell regeneration, fights premature aging signs and rebuilds skin barrier to help fight against external environmental damage. With its anti-inflammatory properties, Kakadu Plum can quickly soothe irritation and redness, making it suitable to use for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Regularly incorporating Kakadu Plum into your daily beauty routine can reduce and prevent breakouts, acne, scarring as well as hyperpigmentation. In addition, when used in conjunction with adequate sun protection during the day, this ingredient can increase its effectiveness by heightening its defense against harmful UV rays and free radical damage.

Why Tasmanian Mountain Water?

Tasmanian Mountain Water | FEAT BY YOU | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Tasmanian Mountain Water is sourced from mountainous regions of Australia where the natural environment is pristine and unspoiled, where the water is regarded as one of the purest and highest quality in the world. Because of its purity and cleanliness, this water is rich in skin-loving minerals calcium, magnesium and sodium that can help detoxify skin while providing an ample amount of hydration.

Did you know that weak skin barrier is a common cause of acne and breakouts? By adding Tasmanian Mountain Water into your skincare regimen, not only does it help plump up dehydrated, dull skin to bring back its radiance, but it also preserves the skin’s natural glow, clarifies troubled, sensitive skin to boost its resilience against external environmental stressors.

How to use FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Skincare Line?

FEAT BY YOU | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Elevate your daytime and nighttime beauty routine in just a few simple steps with FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Skincare line! For optimal results, start by cleansing your skin with FEAT BY YOU ViTassie pH Balancing Mild Foaming Cleanser - a gentle face cleanser with coconut surfactants that will thoroughly cleanse away impurities, unclog pores and maintain hydration levels without stripping away excess moisture.

Next, restore hydration with FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Pure Mountain Water First Care Toner which is a slightly viscous, hydrating and refreshing toner that goes deep into the skin’s layers to plump up fine lines, detoxify skin to bring out that youthful glow, and at the same time calm and soothe sensitive skin. You can even soak a few cotton pads with the toner, leave it on your skin for 15 minutes for an extra boost of hydration.

Follow with a blemish-fighting ampoule FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Forest Energy Vitamin Ampoule Blemish Solution that can quickly calm breakouts, acne and redness thanks to its high antioxidant content and cooling finish. The gel like texture absorbs into the skin easily without greasiness for long lasting comfort.

Finally, complete your routine with FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Cica Refreshing Gel Cream which is enriched with a powerful soothing, calming and skin repairing ingredient - Centella asiatica. This gel cream locks in hydration, nutrients and leaves your skin with a cooling finish to reduce heatiness, redness and alleviate inflammation.

When your skin is in need of some TLC, or maybe you are looking to unwind after a long day, FEAT BY YOU ViTassie Mellow Cushion Clay Mask is your best friend! This purifying, detoxifying and pore-clearing clay mask pack contains apricot seeds to help buff away rough patches, smooth out uneven skin tone while clearing out excess sebum to give your skin a fresh, matte and soft finish. Unlike conventional clay mask packs, the mellow cushion clay mask has a unique, bouncy texture that glides on the skin easily and does not leave your skin excessively dry or tight.

Where Can I Buy FEAT BY YOU?

FEAT BY YOU | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Keen? Of course you are! Feel free to visit  FEAT BY YOU website where you will be able to learn more about the brand and the ingredients used, as well as how to use each product. Alternatively, BONIIK is an official stockist of FEAT BY YOU products, and you can purchase them online or by visiting our store in Sydney. If you are outside of Australia, FEAT BY YOU is available for worldwide shipping through their website or official online retailers.

Brace yourself for an exciting beauty journey with FEAT BY YOU because soon enough you will be smiling more often in the mirror!


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