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Article: KAINE - Your Essential Vegan Skincare Secret


KAINE - Your Essential Vegan Skincare Secret

In the realm of Korean Beauty, where the pursuit of flawless skin is an art form, being the secret sauce is of course the ingredients they used in their products. Kaine emerges as a beacon of innovation, blending luxurious vegan ingredients with uncompromising quality.

A brand that seamlessly weaves together innovative products with a dedicated pledge to conscious living, that's the Kaine mission.

Kaine is your 100% Vegan Korean skincare brand where vegan luxury meets quality, transforming your skincare routine into a celebration of both beauty and values. You can now pursue true beauty with active vegan ingredients. A Korean Beauty brand that brings together innovative products and a commitment to conscious living

We are excited to announce that Kaine has arrived at BONIIK, your trusted destination for shopping Korean skincare in Australia. Where all products are 100% authentic and imported from Korea.

KAINE’s Mission

Kaine the name itself reflects its mission, derived from the Greek word for 'new.' Kaine's mission is to be more than just a skincare brand, but to also promote conscious and harmonious living. 

Their driven commitment to vegan and cruelty-free skincare makes Kaine the perfect choice for those of us who want to invest in high quality skincare, while also aligning their beauty routine with their values.

Kaine also takes great care in developing their packaging to promote a healthier and more sustainable Earth. By exclusively using PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) materials in their packaging, which is made from recycled plastics and glass. 

As a clean and conscientious brand dedicated to offering products crafted from natural, cruelty-free ingredients. Their product range includes cleansers, serums, toners, and creams, all formulated with natural components and designed to address various skin concerns.

In the name of glass-like, hydrated, glowing skin let's get to know KAINE products a little better shall we?

Vita Drop Serum

The low down: 

The powerhouse of serums driven by vitamins to restore an ideal moisture balance within the skin. The Vita drop serum is your go-to solution for achieving supple and hydrated skin, as it restores the skin's natural smoothness and hydration.  

It goes beyond the surface and penetrates deep into the skin to replenish moisture and restore your skin’s innate smoothness, leaving it feeling supple and revitalised. The perfect notion for those of us with dry skin concerns- as the Soft and refreshing serum texture leaves the skin feeling hydrated.

How it works in skincare: 

Looking for luminous and a vibrant skin tone? The vita drop serum not only allows you to achieve your best skin forward however it also guards your skin against environmental stressors. 

Abundant in vitamins C and E, the serum contains 73% of vitamin tree fruit extract that delivers potent antioxidant benefits. 

It also contains panthenol and triple hyaluronic acid- which we all know our skin craves and loves! This allows the skin to enjoy soothing and hydrating benefits while it strengthens the skin barrier.  

Lastly the powerhouse ingredient being niacinamide, targeting excessive sebum skin- as it actively regulates sebum production, tightens enlarged pores, and enhances overall skin texture. Basically the magical potion we have all been longing for. 

It is best to apply the serum to your skin every morning and evening, apply a moderate amount to your skin and gently tap for better absorption. This will ensure you reap the benefits and achieve the best results.

Vegan Collagen Youth Cream


Vegan Collagen Youth Cream| BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia


The low down:

Rediscover your skin's youthful glow with our Vegan Collagen Youth Cream.This incredible moisturiser is like a burst of refreshing hydration and vitality for your skin. 

It's carefully crafted to mimic your body's natural collagen- an intelligent formula, giving your skin the firmness and radiance it craves. To top it off, a touch of niacinamide ensures your complexion is silky smooth and beautifully clear. 

How it works in skincare: 

Lets get talking on the vegan prone intelligent formula used to generate the vegan collagen youth cream. This is where it gets exciting! Want to know how it fosters deep hydration, firm and radiant skin? 

Containing 50% snow mushroom extract, which is cherished for its incredible moisture locking properties, whilst also loaded with low molecular weight plant-based collagen. This helps preserve hyaluronic acid and elastin, yes you heard that right, natural and skin loving! 

Infused with vegan collagen and 2% niacinamide considered as a skin-nourishing gem, mimics your natural collagen, boosting firmness and radiance. If you are looking for anti-ageing benefits- I mean lets be honest who isn’t? This part will have your eyes peeled to the screen- reduces fine lines, enhances elasticity, and reveals your youthful glowing complexion. Furthermore it has incorporated adenosine known for its remarkable anti-ageing properties- A dream come true for all skin types! 

Green Calm Aqua Cream

KAINE Green Calm Aqua Cream


The low down: 

Have dry and/or sensitive skin concerns? Wait until you try the new Summer essential- Green Calm Aqua Cream! The water based-gel cream is designed to deliver three key benefits being, intensive soothing care for sensitive skin, clinically proven to reduce redness, and effectively strengthens and calms compromised skin barrier. You don’t want to miss out on this transformative and enriched formula.

How it works in skincare: 

Crafted with 30% green calm complex, featuring the calming essence of three green leaves, artemisia capillaris extract, bambusa arundinacea juice, and camellia sinsensis leaf extract. This formula is designed to soothe and purify your skin.Which is exactly what our skin craves during the warmer months. 

We consider the green calm aqua cream to be our go-to summer moisturiser as it also contains 5% D-panthenol which exhibits anti-inflammatory benefits by reducing redness caused by external irritations and UV rays. This is a big win for all of us living under the great big Aussie sun! 

Now we touch on how the formula has been crafted for skin concerns such as dryness and sensitivity- with the application of squalene which supports the skin’s natural barrier function, promoting a healthy and resilient outer layer. 

Here we have it- the secret to your essential vegan K-Beauty brand KAINE. 

Check out the full Kaine skincare range here

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