Get Inspired by Your Inner Child with PERIPERA

Make yourself up and please your inner child with an array of colourful, trendy and fun cosmetics because hey, who said vibrant colours are only for little girls? PERIPERA is a brand under CLIO Cosmetics which was launched in South Korea in 2005. You can think of PERIPERA as CLIO’s little sister who is free spirited, trendy, playful and fun! Its name is derived from the word ‘Peri’, a fairy in Persian mythology to embody its romantic, feminine and youthful brand persona. PERIPERA has stolen our hearts with their cute, fun and appealing packaging with unique shades that give off a bright payoff in just one swipe. This trendy brand appeals to the younger population with its high quality, yet accessible makeup products that we all love!


You can NEVER have too many lip tints

PERIPERA Ink Airy Velvet | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

Yes! That’s what we love, infinite shades of red whether you are going for a classy makeup look to power through your day or a more subtle, sophisticated pink shade to match your simple, cute dresses! PERIPERA Ink Airy Velvet is a vivid and brightly coloured lip tint that comes in many different shades from light pinkish tones, orange hues and vibrant corals to match your desired makeup look. It has a smooth, airy finish that blends easily to create gradation lips effortlessly while keeping your lips comfortable and hydrated. You can apply it in a few different layers for more pigmented finish, or in just one swipe and blended outwards for soft, petal-like finish.


One thing we can say for sure is that life doesn't have to be too serious all the time, it's never a bad idea to satisfy your inner child by turning your face into a canvas. Whether you are someone who has a soft spot for all things bright and beautiful, or love anything that comes in quirky, cute packaging PERIPERA is set to be your new makeup best friend! Shop PERIPERA cosmetics today and we are sure it is going to put a big smile on your face.