The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty

The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty | BONIIK Blog

Clean Beauty - this trendy word is being tossed around lately in the beauty industry, but what does it really mean? Clean Beauty can be defined as products that have been created without the use or addition or any toxic ingredients or harmful chemicals. A common misconception about clean beauty is that the products are 'natural'. However, natural ingredients are not always safer or more effective. In face, it has been found that some products labelled as natural can still contain a number of synthetic ingredients.

With all the hype and buzz around clean beauty, some things may get lost in translation. This article written by Olivia Flemming and Jenna Rosenstein from Harpers Bazaar is a complete guide to everything you need to know about clean beauty! From the common buzzwords to do's and dont's, this article below has got you covered!



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