Why we adore MAKE P:REM

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MAKE P:REM's gentle formula with the use of EWG-rated ingredients caught our eyes when we first came across this brand.

MAKE P:REM products are all about effective, functional and safe ingredients. The entire Safe Me line is specially formulated to match skin’s pH level of 5.5, which maintains skin's health while strengthening moisture barrier.

What also fascinated us is the use of EWG-rated ingredients in every Safe Me range products. This benefits all skin types, especially for super sensitive and irritated skin, making us feel safe about what we are putting onto their skin.

What’s EWG green rating?
Environmental Working Group (EWG) has established the safety rating of ingredients , rating from 0-10 based on the results of research on 250 million ingredients. Among them, a safe formula made of ingredients has a rating of 0. 
EWG green grade rating has only 0-2 grade ingredients that can be used for sensitive skin by minimising irritation to skin.

How impressive is that! Now before you got too excited, lets us break it down for you. We have personally tested them, tried them and love them – and here’s why.



‘Mild Cleansing keeps your skin moisturised’
As we mentioned above, the gentle and safe formula with EWG’s green-rated ingredients, is what makes Make P:rem special. Being said that, their Safe Me. Relief Green Cleansing Water uses EWG’s green-rated ingredients with 82% natural ingredients to gently yet effectively remove makeup and impurities from skin.

What interested us is the color of cleanser. Unlike other cleansers with clear and water-like colors, this cleansing water comes with a natural green color. Now, don’t you worry – as it is the natural color extracted from Neem tree which is very effective in soothing and calming skin, especially for relieving sensitivity and irritation.

We gently removed our makeup by pouring an adequate amount of product onto a cotton pad, which removed our makeup with just a few swipes over the face. The cleanser does not have any specific scent as it is free of fragrances. The after-cleansing gives us a soothing effect and leaves our skin clean and moisturized.




‘Double Cleanse with the creamy, foamy cleanser’
Don’t miss out your second step of cleansing as it is possible that there is still some makeup residues left behind from your first cleansing. And that’s why double cleansing is important in terms of keeping your skin well cleansed and healthy.

We followed up our cleansing regime by using Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam. This award-winning foamy cleanser creates bubbles that have a milk-colored, creamy texture that feels soft on skin. Same as other of their products, this cleanser is made with EWG 0-grade ingredients extracted from coconut to minimize damage and irritation to your delicate skin.

The abundant micro fine foam felt soft on our skin, which helps remove all the residues and impurities without stripping our skin. It also has a very soothing effect after washing off as it contains raspberry, glycerin, coconut extract, lavender extract to calm skin and restore moisture to skin.



‘Tone it up and prep your skin’
This alcohol-free, Safe Me. Relief Moisture Toner is weakly acidic with a pH 5.5 which is similar to our skin’s pH level, helps rebalance our skin pH level as well as minimizing irritation to skin. Not only does it contains 94% plant-derived and EWG-verified ingredients, this toner also soothe and heal damaged skin and strengthen skin barrier by providing moisture to skin with Madecassoside and Cerathenol.

The toner felt very refreshing and relieving and gave lightweight hydration after cleansing. Perfect for those who like non-sticky and light texture!



‘Feel safe of what you’re putting on your skin’
Moving on, we plumped up our skin moisture with Safe Me. Relief Moisture Essence. This soothing and calming toner gives moisture to our skin with using EWG-verified ingredients. It also restores and strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier with madecassoside, glycerin, sage oil, ceramide, and lavender extract while soothing and nourishing irritated skin.



‘18 ingredients and that’s all you need’
Apply two to three drops of this hypoallergenic, hydrating Safe Me. Relief Moisture Green Ampoule after your essence to help fortify skin barrier and enhance moisture level. Made with only 18 EGW green-rated ingredients, this soothing ampoule avoids using unnecessary ingredients that could cause irritation and damage to skin. It contains green propolis to provide all skin-benefits such as antioxidant properties, improving skin condition and texture, boosting skin moisture and strengthen skin’s natural barrier.

We totally fell in love with this ampoule after our first-try and here are more reasons why we are so in love now:
- Dermatologically tested on strengthening skin’s barrier
- Proven to improve moisture level by 35.5%
- Proven to improved skin’s texture (removed dead skin cells by 71.2%)
- Proven to reduced moisture loss by 17.8%



‘Only 12 ingredients, but with excellent moisturizing effect’
12 is the right number for my skin. BONIIK's best selling Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cream only contains 12 kinds of EWG-graded ingredients – giving what is only necessary for our skin.

This cream with minimal formula relieves dryness, itchiness and irritation by providing 48-hours moisture while preventing moisture loss*. *Clinically proven. Skin irritation test completed.

It also contains Raspberry extracts to keep skin healthy by strengthening skin against oxidation.



‘Feeling irritated and sensitive? We have more for you.’
Is your skin feeling extra sensitive and irritated? We definitely recommend CICAPRO Revitalizing Cream to you if you have sensitive and irritated skin with dryness. Formulatd with Madecassoside extracted from Centella asiatica and natural Lactobacillus, which is called a mystical herb for treating and healing wounds, this cream gives an intense treatment to sooth, repair and regenerate damaged skin.

This cream with EWG grade 2-rating locks in moisture with Bamboo water and Glycerin while delivering nutrients and healing irritated skin. It also relieves skin problems while strengthening and protecting skin from damage and external aggressors. Plus, it comes with dual function of whitening and wrinkle improvement – how amazing is that!

P.S. Change your light summer moisturiser to this cream as it gives more moisture and protection for your skin during the colder season.



 ‘Wrap it up with a mask’
End your night with something soothing and calming. This Safe Me. Relief Moisture Mask is made with 15 EWG-verified ingredients, including a blend of hydrating hyaluronic acid and glycerin to plump up skin’s moisturizing level while regenerates skin and prevents aging with Raspberry extract.

P.S. the mask sheet is made from 100% environmentally friendly, plant-based fabric!