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What is Korean hair care?

Korean hair care products are body and hair care products that deliver nourishment to maintain and restore your hair’s natural shine, elasticity and smooth texture. Because our hair is constantly exposed to external environmental stressors such as pollution, dust, UV rays and so on, keeping it moisturized and healthy is very important. 

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Using hair care products that are suitable for your hair will help ensure that you have silky smooth, manageable and healthy hair strands, preventing concerns such as split ends, dryness and unruly-looking hair.

Types of Korean hair products Australia

There are a number of Korean hair products online that you will want to include in your hair care routine. While you do not need to use them every single day, it is important to be able to identify what your hair needs.

  • Shampoo: Shampoo is an essential hair care products that work by eliminating impurities, dead skin cells and dirt from your hair strands and scalp. Using shampoo daily can help prevent buildup of excess oil and impurities, to keep your hair and scalp fresh, clarified and smooth all the time! Shampoos come in a large number of variations, each suited to various hair types from oily, normal, dry and sensitive, even those that are specially formulated for coloured or chemically-treated hair. For best results, use shampoo and conditioner together each time you wash your hair.

  • Conditioner: Conditioner is another staple hair care product that smoothes and detangles hair to reduce breakage, split ends, frizzy hair and keeps hair easy to manage. Unlike shampoos, conditioners have slippery texture that is designed to be used only along your hair strands, reducing friction in between them. Using conditioners after shampooing makes brushing easier and hassle free!

  • Hair Essence: Hair Essences are leave on hair care products that you can use after shampooing and conditioning. Unlike other hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and scalp care that require rinsing, hair essences can be left on your hair to give it a shiny, silky-smooth finish. Hair essences can be used on a daily basis especially if you have dry, damaged hair that requires deep nourishment and moisture throughout the day. With their convenient, easy to use properties, hair essences can be used at any time of the day whenever the hair is dry or lacks vitality.

  • Hair Treatment: Hair treatment products are any hair care products like hair masks that are applied on your hair for a short duration of time and then rinsed away to leave it smooth, soft, shiny and moisturized. Hair treatment products are often used as a weekly hair care routine like a hair mask pack to deliver deep nourishment and moisture to every single hair strand to repair dry ends, prevent split ends and give your hair a bouncy, smooth and flowing finish after rinsing.

  • Scalp Care: Scalp care is an essential step in any hair care routine. By nourishing and providing your hair roots with adequate nutrients, it can help prevent and target dry, itchy, flaky or excessively oily scalp by maintaining optimal moisture balance. In addition, scalp care products also strengthen hair roots, which will reduce hair fall and gives it additional volume to make your hair look fuller, smoother and lustrous!

How to select the best hair products Australia

In selecting the best hair products online, it is first important to identify your hair and scalp type. In general, the skin on your scalp would be similar to your face; therefore if you have oily skin you are likely to also have oily scalp, and if you have dry skin, there is a chance that your scalp will also be dry. By properly identifying your hair and scalp type, selecting your best hair products online will become a breeze!

As a general rule of thumb regardless of your hair type, it is highly recommended to avoid harmful ingredients that can dry out or weigh down your hair such as parabens and silicones. In addition, drying alcohols from high concentrations of synthetic fragrances should also be avoided, and instead opt for something that uses essential oils if you would like something fragranced. Moreover, using hair care products that uses naturally-derived emollients from plant, seed and nut oils can be greatly beneficial for your hair as they do not contain any harmful additives.

Give your hair the care and love it needs to grow strong, smooth and lustrous effortlessly. By using the best hair products Australia daily, you will see the visible results and benefits it gives to your hair! Shop hair products Australia at BONIIK – the best Korean beauty, skin care and makeup store in Australia!