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KLAVUU White Pearlsation

KLAVUU White Pearlsation

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KLAVUU White Pearlsation | BONIIK

*We are the official distributor of KLAVUU in Australia.*

KLAVUU White Pearlsation skin care and makeup range contains the highest grade of Korean pearl and marine extracts. Pearls have been known as a magical elixir for anti-aging properties while keeping moisture locked in a pearl. This range helps improve skin firmness while making skin clear, radiant and luminous like a pearl as well as providing hydration, moisture and nutrients to the skin. It works well for dry, mature skin that is lacking radiance and moisture. The lightweight and fast absorbing formula penetrates easily into the skin without greasiness and sits well underneath makeup to provide a smooth, glowy finish.

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Get your Pearl-like and luminous skin with KLAVUU | BONIIK Blog

Get Your Pearl-like and Luminous Skin with KLAVUU

KLAVUU – Korea’s first marine pearl cosmetics brand that uses Pearls and marine extracts from the purest of Korean Ocean. It strives to deliver clear and clean products and supports eternal heritage, clean beauty and precious energy source of the ocean.

Pearls are a symbol of distinctive beauty and encapsulates the purity of nature. Not only do they look glamorous, but they also give excellent beauty benefits to the skin!