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LANEIGE Water Bank

LANEIGE Water Bank Line uses green mineral water to improve skin's ability to hold moisture while replenishing and boosting skin hydration levels. It helps give the skin a clearer, radiant and plump complexion.

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LANEIGE Water Bank line is a Korean skincare range that focuses on replenishing, boosting and retaining the skin's hydration and moisture levels. Its' main ingredients- Green Mineral Water and Garden Cress, increase the skin's hydration and moisture, as well as give the skin a clearer, radiant complexion. Through years of research, LANEIGE aims to provide skin deep moisture barrier for healthier-looking skin.

The most popular products from the Laneige Water Bank range include the Moisture Cream and the Sherbet cream. The secret to the range’s success is the moisturizing Water Zipper technology which locks moisturize into the skin, energising the skin’s moisture barrier and keeping the skin hydrated all day long.

The water bank moisture cream is one of the most iconic Korean skincare products for keeping your skin hydrated and skin feeling supple. Ideal for all skin types, use the water bank moisture cream after essence or eye gel, and gently massage it into your skin with your middle and ring fingers. You can lightly press the product into areas where you experience more moisture loss than others.

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"Water Bank"- LANEIGE : Quench Your Skin with Hydration | BONIIK Blog

"Water Bank"- LANEIGE : Quench Your Skin with Hydration

LANEIGE is one of the world's leading beauty brands, a brand under Amorepacific, Korea's no.1 beauty brand that aims to provide innovative solutions to cater to different beauty needs. Launched in 1994, LANEIGE has since done extensive research about the interaction between water and skin, and found that skin damage is attributable to weakening of skin barrier and inability to retain moisture. Then, LANEIGE discovered Water Science, a unique, core technology that converts water to explosive moisture energy to provide hydrating, brightening and anti-aging effects to the skin.


These products may include ingredients such as:

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