PURITO Official Retailer in Australia

PURITO Centella range contains high concentrations of Centella Asiatica extract which is known for its powerful calming, soothing and skin repairing properties. It helps relieve inflammation, redness and irritation caused by skin sensitivity or external environmental stress. PURITO Centella range also uses EWG Green Grade Certified ingredients which are safe to use on the skin, vegan-friendly, pregnancy safe and does not harm the environment; making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Together with a mixture of other ingredients such as ceramides, niacinamide and panthenol, this skincare range helps restore the skin's health, radiance and smooth complexion.

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PURITO: Honest, Pure and Effective Skincare Solutions | BONIIK Blog

PURITO: Honest, Pure and Effective Skincare Solutions

New to Korean beauty? Or maybe you are a long-term devotee of all things K-beauty? Oh well, regardless of that we have really exciting tea to spill with you today! The wait is finally over my beauty lovers, because PURITO has just landed at BONIIK, and we couldn’t be more excited! PURITO is a skin-friendly, safe and all-natural skincare brand made with ingredients derived from nature. PURITO’s name is derived from the English word ‘Purify’ and the Korean word ‘Soil’ to represent its dedication to deliver eco-friendly, transparent and highly efficacious products to all its consumers.