Kill Cover Fixer Cushion Puff


CLIO Kill Cover Fixer Cushion Puff is a makeup puff that is made to allow for seamless application of liquid foundation to narrow areas. The 7 angled, heptagonal-shaped puff helps for easy application of liquid foundation to provide an even layer across the face. The puff is angled to allow for an effortlessly apply to areas that are hard to reach such as nostrils, eyelids and double eyelids.

Key Points:

  • Hexagon-shaped puff
  • Made for liquid foundation
  • Perfectly covers the smallest areas
  • Seamless adherence to narrow areas
  • Helps apply an even, a thin layer of liquid foundation

Size: 1ea

MADE IN KOREA. All products are 100% authentic.

Dab an appropriate amount of cushion foundation onto the puff. Apply on skin and blend naturally.

Ruby Cell Puff (Wetted Polyurethane)

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