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Article: 6 Winter Skin Care Routine Tips for Healthy Skin

6 Winter Skin Care Routine Tips for Healthy Skin

Brrr! Do you feel it too? It’s starting to get cold out there. Hot girl summer is officially over, and our beautiful sunny skin is starting to look, dare I say it.. a bit.. dry. I know, it’s not fair! Your skin was glowing and perfect all throughout the summer. Your summer skincare routine was working perfectly up until now, so what’s happened?  With the change in season comes the change in our skin and it’s important to alter our winter skincare routine and products to fit.

What’s the best skincare routine for dry skin in winter?

It’s important to remember someone’s best skincare routine for dry skin in winter, may work for one person but not necessarily for another. Everyone’s skin is different. Yes, we can classify people’s skin into different groups such as oily, dry, and combination. However, everyone is unique in their own way and their skin may react differently towards certain products, ingredients, or processes.

Although there may be no ‘best routine’ for every single person, there are some general guidelines that can be applied for winter skincare - we have the tips that we believe work the most. Pick and choose what works for you and you’ll have your skin gorgeous and glowing again in no time. 

1. Get the right cleanser for winter

A cleanser is used to remove the build-up of dirt and oils on your skin. In winter, it is important to use a cleanser that’s not too harsh on your skin. A harsh cleanser can strip away your skin’s natural oils which will leave your skin dry, tight, and uncomfortable.

In winter, this is made twice as bad by the colder weather, as it naturally dries out your skin. By changing to a cream or oil-based cleanser, as opposed to a gel or foaming cleanser, you can retain a barrier of moisture, cleaning your skin, but leaving it hydrated!

Also, take note of your water temperature. Using scalding hot water when you wash your face, is not advised as it will aggravate and dry out your skin. Temperate warm water is always best.

2. Start applying serum

Serums are for those who are serious about their skin. Higher concentrated in active ingredients, serums allow you to target specific skin needs.

Try using a hydrating serum in winter with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Hyaluronic acid is said to help draw moisture into the deeper layers of your skin. Vitamin C creates a barrier stopping the water in your skin from escaping. Check out the best hydrating serums at BONIIK and find one that works for you.

Apply serum first after cleansing, as serums are lighter in formula and won’t be absorbed by the skin if other heavier products have already been used.

3. Slather on the moisturiser

Don’t be shy when it comes to applying your moisturiser. Make sure you apply a healthy layer to lock in hydration. Look for moisturisers that have emollients – such as lipids and ceramides - which help create a protective layer over the skin.

4. Find a face oil

It can be scary to use a face oil, as we often think of oil as something to be removed from our face, not applied. During winter, face oil is an absolute must, even if you have naturally oily skin. Face oil helps to soothe the skin, enhancing the facial skin barrier. The better the skin barrier, the healthier and more hydrated your skin will be.

A great way to apply face oil in your winter skincare routine is to pair it with your moisturiser. A few drops of oil mixed into your moisturiser will be more than enough each day.

5. Protect your lips

No one wants to deal with the annoyance of dry, cracked lips. With the skin on your lips being so thin, it’s easy for the harsh winter wind to dry your lips out in seconds. Introducing an exfoliating lip scrub is the quickest way to reset your lips, sloughing off the dry skin, revealing the nice supple and soft skin beneath.

Now, to protect the new skin you’ve uncovered, try a hydrating lip oil. Lip oil does the same thing for your lips, as face oil does for your face. Creating a barrier against the harsh climate, protecting, and soothing your lips.

Lip oil is great as you can take it with you on the go. If you find that you prefer a lip balm during the day, apply a generous helping of lip oil at night, and sleep peacefully knowing you’ll wake up with your lips super smooth and hydrated.  

6. SPF: It’s still sunny in winter

Believe it or not, the sun’s rays are still shining and causing havoc to your skin, even in winter. No matter how overcast the sky may seem, you can still get caught out by those nasty UVA and UVB rays. Make sure you keep applying sunscreen before you leave the house to give your skin the best defence.

Time to start implementing your favourite winter skin care routine tips

Now you know the best winter skincare routine tips for healthy skin, time to apply them. Get yourself out of the seasonal slump and back into being a bare faced beauty in no time.

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