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Article: 6 Reasons Why Korean Skincare is so Popular

6 Reasons Why Korean Skincare is so Popular

Korean beauty products are popping up all over Australia in stores, online shops, and on social media feeds. So, what’s all the fuss about? 

Why has Korean skincare become so popular?

As Australia’s leading Korean skincare and beauty product provider, we’re obviously biased. However, we’re not here to argue whether or not Korean beauty is any good, we’re here to provide an overview of why it is so good.

At BONIIK, we strongly believe that Korean skincare and cosmetic products offer some of the most technologically advanced in the beauty space.


A brief history of Korean skin care

Ever since the breakout of Korean culture and media into the international market via the mass-appeal of K-dramas and K-pop since the late 1990s, the popularity of Korean products have likewise been weaving their way into more western countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

This export of culture also includes the introduction of Korean skincare products, which brought a different and sensational aspect to traditional perceptions of skincare. As such, more and more people have turned to Korean skincare products in the hope to achieve the same high beauty standards that are projected in Korea.

But it’s not all hype and speculation — Korean skincare products have tangible benefits that contribute to their incredible rise in popularity over the last two decades. Here are six reasons why Korean skincare has become synonymous with the ‘best’ skincare available:

1. High-quality ingredients

Korean skincare products are held up to a high standard due to the consistent use of high-quality ingredients in their composition. With a growing global awareness among consumers about the types of products they are using on their body and skin, the high-quality sourced ingredients within Korean Skincare products have taken centre stage. 

Examples of such ingredients include organic aloe vera, plant oil, and even snail mucin. These ingredients emulate the natural benefits that can be found in nature, rather than man-made chemicals that can potentially lead to skin irritation. 

2. Holistic approach

Holistic beauty is a core value that is shared across Korean skincare companies. Instead of only looking at the outward appearance of the skin or face, Korean skincare takes on an approach that focuses on nourishing the skin to keep it healthy, which in turn, gives it a natural glow. 

3. Affordable

Some may assume that the cheaper a product is, the lower quality it will be. However, Korean skincare products show that price is not always indicative of effectiveness. Despite being relatively cheaper than most established skincare brands, Korean skincare brands offer the same (if not more) value for their customers, in terms of how well their products work!

4. Tailored to diverse skin types

Korean skincare products have been found to be effective across a diverse range of skin types, in part due to the use of high-quality, natural ingredients.

As a reflection of the local market in Korea where over half of the population reports having sensitive skin, Korean skincare products offer a wide variety of hypoallergenic and gentle-on-skin options. This makes them extremely suitable for those looking for products that work with sensitive skin, especially in western markets where these options are not widely available. 

5. An emphasis on ‘natural’

Korean skincare products have a strong emphasis on ‘natural beauty’, which has roots in South Korean culture. Achieving healthy and beautiful skin is at the core of the innovation and design across Korean beauty. 

6. Because they work!

Last but not least, Korean skincare products are popular simply due to the fact that they work well, and this has been shown time and time again across social media. Not all products can achieve the effects that they claim, and the fact so many people swear by certain Korean skincare products is evidence that they do indeed deliver on results. To add to this, Korean skincare products are often highly reviewed and endorsed by influential skincare ambassadors as proof of their effectiveness. 


Find your essential Korean skincare products with BONIIK

If you’re looking for the best Korean skincare and cosmetic products in Australia, you’ll find them at BONIIK. As an official distributor of K-beauty products, we bring in the most popular and effective beauty products and brands from Korea so that you can add them to your skincare routine and experience healthier and better feeling skin. Shop online with us to access the best Korean skincare in Australia  today!

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