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Article: Best Order to Do Your Skincare – Day & Night Routines

Best Order to Do Your Skincare – Day & Night Routines

Let’s face it, when it comes to skincare, there’s no shortage of conflicting information out there. From influencers to beauty blogs, everyone seems to have an opinion on how to get the most out of your skincare regime.

So, without endless trial and error, how can you actually figure out a skincare regime that works for you? Well, the truth is a little bit complicated. For most of us, there’s going to be a bit of trial and error before we find out exactly what works for us and what suits our skin.

For those just starting out, or for those that have fallen deep into a 2am black hole of beauty videos (guilty!) and feel more confused than ever, let’s go back to some basics.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a basic skincare routine for daytime, and then one for night-time. Each routine will outline the correct order of application and the different products that you should be using at each end of the day.


Why is it important to have an order of application?

Using the right skincare products is obviously an important part of achieving your best skin. However, it’s not just the types of skincare products that you use, it’s also the order that you apply them to your skin.  

Skincare products are designed to penetrate the skin in a unique way and to work effectively at a particular PH level. As an example, water-based products should always be applied before oil-based products to help the skin absorb them. Correctly layering your skin care regime helps to minimise product waste and reduces the chance of irritation between different products.

A systematic application process which considers the types of products that you are using and how they work together ensures the best possible outcome from your routine.


Best daytime skincare routine order

Alright, first things first, a daytime beauty routine. Here’s a run-down of what we suggest for the perfect daytime/morning skincare routine to make sure you’re refreshed and protected at the start of each day.

Best Order to Do Your Skincare – Day & Night Routines-infographics-1

Cleanser: Washing your face with a cleanser helps to remove the overnight build-up that occurs while we sleep. A gentle, alcohol-free cleanser is the perfect way to wash your skin without stripping away essential oils that our skin uses as a natural barrier. Find a cleaner that works for you and ensures your skin is ready to absorb the next products as effectively as possible.

Toner: There’s no shortage of toners on the market, so make sure you find one that works for your skin type. Ideally, your toner will help to hydrate your skin and remove any leftover oil and dirt. If your skin is prone to acne, then use a toner that is specifically designed for acne-prone skin types.

Serum: Alright, cleaner and toner out of the way, a serum is the perfect way to brighten your skin and rejuvenate it with essential vitamins including vitamin C and Vitamin E. The right serum helps to reduce UV damage and ensures that your skin is protected against the different environments that we travel through, throughout the day.

Moisturiser: Once we’ve moved through the first few steps, a moisturiser is the perfect way to keep your face, neck, and other areas like your ears hydrated throughout the day. Moisturisers help to seal in the serum from the previous step and ensure that your skin (irrespective of type) remains hydrated and balanced throughout the day.

Sunscreen: There are plenty of daytime moisturisers that include a sunscreen in their formula, so if your daytime moisturiser includes sunscreen, then you may not need to apply it in this step. If not, finding a lightweight sunscreen that protects your skin from the sun and UV damage isn’t only an essential part of your skincare routine, it’s also an important step in your anti-aging.

Best night-time skincare routine order

Your evening skincare routine is about removing the build-up that occurs throughout the day and ensuring that your skin recovers while you sleep. Many of the steps below are consistent with our daytime recommendations, so we won’t go into them in quite as much detail this time. That said, our recommendation for a nighttime skin care order is as follows:

Best Order to Do Your Skincare – Day & Night Routines-infographics-2

Cleanser: Just like in the morning, we want to wash away all of the gunk and nasties that build up throughout the day with a cleanser.

Toner: A night time toner is a great way to rehydrate your skin and remove any left-over build-up that occurs throughout the day.

Serum: Night time serums tend to be more restorative in nature, so it’s a good idea to have a specific night-time serum that contains ingredients like retinoids or peptides that work to heal your skin while you sleep.

Moisturiser: A night time moisturiser is often a slightly richer formula that is intended to provide a deeper level of hydration to help your skin recover overnight.

Eye cream: Eye creams can be applied in your morning skincare routine as well, however, most tend to prefer a night time application that addresses those delicate areas around your eyes and helps to treat puffiness and dark circles.


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