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Article: MIXSOON Brand Review: Achieve Your Glass Skin Goals


MIXSOON Brand Review: Achieve Your Glass Skin Goals

Is your skin ready to glow like never before? Recently, achieving flawless, silky smooth complexion has been a quest for many beauty enthusiasts worldwide. This phenomenon has been named the ‘glass skin’, the idea behind it is achieving a complexion that is so smooth, and luminous that it can almost mirror the crystalline and clarity of a glass or crystal ball! How amazing is that? Getting that glass skin finish would often involve many steps from cleansing, exfoliating, masking and layering every product within arm’s reach. But what if we can introduce you to a brand that will minimise all the steps and hassle, and still give you the glass skin results you’ve always dreamed of?

Everyone, say hello to MIXSOON! Established in 2019, MIXSOON is a Korean beauty brand with a commitment to deliver the joy of having healthy, youthful and glowing skin to all of its customers by listening to what their skin needs and utilising essential natural ingredients to bring the best products. Since its establishment, MIXSOON has been able to create a positive reputation in the beauty market for using pure, organic essences in their simple approach to achieving your skin goals.


Ready to go viral with MIXSOON Bean skincare line? We bet you are! Now is your turn to do the famous essence ‘stretching’ in between your palms, smoothing out that oh-so-satisfying texture all over your face and neck, then smiling to the camera with a next level glass skin glow! MIXSOON Bean skincare line is formulated with fermented beans, barley, pomegranate and pear. These ingredients are rich in natural antioxidants that works by brightening dull skin, gently exfoliating rough patches and delivering essential minerals deep into the skin for a revitalized, healthy and glowing complexion. The fermented ingredients also allow for better absorption, prevents breakouts and repairing skin barrier to prevent premature aging.

Can I use mixsoon bean essence everyday? Yes, MIXSOON Bean Essence Australia can be used daily as part of your Korean skincare routine. MIXSOON recommends a 3 step layering routine after cleansing your face, to give the most optimal results. Start by applying a generous layer of MIXSOON Bean Toner and lightly tapping it onto your face. Follow with MIXSOON Bean Essence, and finish your routine with MIXSOON Bean Cream. Gently tap using your fingertips in between each step for better absorption.

Is MIXSOON Cruelty Free?

MIXSOON Australia is a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brand, that uses only clean, plant-based ingredients in all of its products. Through the use of technologically advanced, low-temperature extraction methods that takes about 72 hours, MIXSOON is able to carefully extract all of their signature essences while preserving the active, skin-loving components for you to enjoy. In addition, you will notice that MIXSOON uses fermented ingredients in many of their products. This is because fermented ingredients absorb better into the skin, and are safe to use for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Aside from being a cruelty-free beauty brand, MIXSOON promises to only use locally sourced, sustainable ingredients in all its skincare products. They ensure these are cultivated in clean environments that are free from pesticides, chemicals and harmful waste, which preserves its raw ingredients quality during the manufacturing process. All of MIXSOON Australia products have been tested and passed the heavy metals test, so you can rest assured that everything you are applying to your skin is safe, gentle and will deliver effective results!

Keen to try MIXSOON Bean for yourself? We can feel the excitement! Experience a more radiant you in just a few simple steps with MIXSOON. BONIIK is an official Australian distributor of mixsoon, you can find the products by visiting our Flagship Store or online!

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