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Article: DR. JART Beauty Balm - Why it is our favourite multitasker


DR. JART Beauty Balm - Why it is our favourite multitasker

Ask any Korean Beauty lover, or any beauty and skincare user for that matter: ‘Have you heard of BB creams?’ We are certain they would have heard of it and know that it can stand for beauty balm, blemish balm, blemish base, etc. Now, ask them the second question of whether BB creams sit under the skincare or makeup group. Well, we admit this is slightly more challenging because the answer can go both ways depending on the formulation and ingredients of the product.

How to apply BB cream | BONIIK Australia

BB creams were originally formulated between the 1950 to 1960, by German dermatologist, Dr. Christine Schrammek (who else is surprised by this?). Her idea of BB cream was to help protect her patients’ skin after undergoing facial treatments, and the original formula was designed to protect skin against harmful UV rays and environmental stress, reduce the appearance of blemishes or redness, as well as delivering moisture and soothing effects on the skin. Therefore, instead of applying heavy foundation to conceal the skin’s imperfections, she wanted to provide her patients with something that would give some coverage, and at the same time safe for the skin. Who knew a single product could provide a multitude of benefits? This all-in-one formulation soon became popular and started to spread to other parts of the world, including Korea where it became a sensation!

Today, BB creams are often marketed as a makeup product that provides the skin with the benefits of moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation all in just one product; this allows for a more time efficient skincare and makeup routines compared to having separate products for each step. Some BB creams also provide additional benefits like mattifying finish, non-comedogenic formula, anti wrinkle or skin whitening, which goes a step further than an ordinary foundation or makeup base thanks to its skincare benefits!


Similarly to a foundation, BB creams can come in different finishes with various colours and levels of coverage to suit your skin’s needs. The main difference between BB cream and foundation is that foundations focus mainly on colour and coverage levels, and tend to have heavier texture. On the other hand BB creams generally have lighter, more ‘slippery’ textures that blend seamlessly on your skin without the need to use a brush, as the warmth from your skin is enough to slightly melt and work the product into your skin. Nonetheless, you can still use a dampened beauty sponge if it is your preferred way of application.

Now that we have covered the history and most notable features of a BB cream, we know you have been waiting for this part – which BB cream is the one for me? Introducing 3 different types of BB creams from DR. JART, a dermatologically-tested beauty brand known for their skin-friendly, effective and high quality products. The 3 beauty balms you are about to see are similar to the original formula, in that they are sit in somewhere between the Skincare-Makeup spectrum. With 3 different formula, benefits and colours, let’s get into the details and see which one is best for you!


DR. JART Premium Beauty Balm

DR. JART Premium Beauty Balm | BB Cream | BONIIK

Instantly perfect your complexion with DR. JART Premium Beauty Balm that gives your skin a range of benefits from whitening, anti-aging, sun protection and at the same time maintains optimal moisture to keep your skin fresh and revitalized. Formulated with bio-peptides, adenosine and antioxidants, this beauty balm works by strengthening skin barrier, stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration to improve elasticity while illuminating complexion with a lightweight, semi-matte finish. It leaves skin looking moist, naturally healthier, firmer and bright. The premium BB’s perfect skin-fitting base makes it ideal for daily use, and sits well underneath makeup.

In terms of its shade, DR. JART Premium Beauty Balm has a warmer, sand-beige colour that is suited for those with medium skin tone. The whitening and anti-aging benefits make this BB the ideal choice for those with dry, sensitive or even mature skin looking for a longer-lasting wear.


DR. JART Nourishing Beauty Balm Black Label

DR. JART Nourishing Beauty Balm | BB Cream | BONIIK

A triple-action, dermatologically tested  beauty balm that can be safely use to prime blemish prone or sensitive skin. It works by covering imperfections and giving the skin a more even tone, as well as providing anti-wrinkle function to keep the skin looking youthful, lively and luminous. Enriched with centella asiatica, nordenau water, Tahiti extract and moringa oil, this multifunctional BB cream boosts the skin’s natural radiance and elasticity, while leaving a natural sheer to medium level of coverage for daily use.

If you have blemish-prone, sensitive skin and concerned about makeup products clogging your pores or leaving your skin cakey and patchy, the DR. JART Nourishing Beauty Balm Black Label is the choice for you! It has a light-medium shade with smooth, natural and sheer coverage that looks almost like a second skin. You can easily top your favourite powder and makeup products on top of it without smudging. No wonder this product has been dubbed “The World’s Best BB”!


DR. JART Rejuvenating Beauty Balm Silver Label

DR. JART Rejuvenating Beauty Balm Silver Label | BB Cream | BONIIK

This universally flattering BB cream creates a flawless, radiant finish for all skin types by maintaining optimal moisture levels and protecting skin against external environmental stress. Formulated with 5 different plant extracts, DR. JART Rejuvenating Beauty Balm Silver Label adheres to your skin with perfectly fitting texture that conceals blemishes to make the skin appear clear and smooth without caking or drying out. It also has hyper soft polymer which mimics the skin’s natural elasticity to minimize darkening, thereby keeping your complexion looking fresh and lively for longer periods of time.

Having the lightest shade out of the 3 DR. JART BB, this whitening BB suits those with cool and lighter skin tone. It can be used on all skin types including those with sensitive, blemish-prone skin, leaving it with evenly toned skin. Despite its seemingly sheer coverage, you can always increase its coverage by applying more products, just make sure to blend it well into your skin!


Finally, how do they compare to DR. JART Cicapair Re-Cover Cream?

DR. JART Cicapair Re-Cover Cream | Tinted Moisturiser | BONIIK

Yes! We know you would ask, especially if you are a hard-core fan of DR. JART and its Cicapair line! DR. JART Cicapair Re-Cover Cream is a colour correcting treatment that turns from green to beige upon application. It works by covering redness, blemishes and sensitive areas of the skin while providing a natural-looking finish. It contains centella asiatica to keep the skin soothed, increases cell regeneration and strengthens skin barrier to improve the skin’s natural defenses. Basically, the Cicapair Re-Cover provides moisture, colour correction and soothing effects to the skin much like a skincare product. It has a thicker, slightly tackier consistency compared to the BB, and a fair-light shade.

The Cicapair Re-Cover cream works wonders as a skincare product, to give your skin a fresh, healthy and even complexion; however, if you are looking for something with additional coverage that will last longer, definitely opt for the BB!


And there you have it, DR. JART Beauty Balms that will take your skincare and makeup routine to the next level, fast! Perfect for all skin types, including those with sensitive cream, a tube of DR. JART BB is one that you need in your vanity, especially when you are in a rush but still want to look your best! So, which one of these BB creams are you most interested to try?

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