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Article: FRUDIA Review: True Beauty from Fruits


FRUDIA Review: True Beauty from Fruits

In a modern world where beauty products are dime a dozen, we can all agree that finding the right products or combination of products for your skin is a challenge. It’s about time you met FRUDIA, a Korean beauty brand established in 2017 that has taken the beauty world by storm, captivating skincare enthusiasts with its focus on fruit-derived ingredients. We like to call it ‘a breath of fresh air’ with its innovative approach to beauty, and commitment to natural nourishment and rejuvenation through the use of natural beauty ingredients that you can quite literally find in your garden!

If you are ready for a fruitful (pun intended) K-beauty experience, keep reading!

Derived from Fruits

FRUDIA | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

FRUDIA was established just a few years ago, after its founders recognised the potential of fruits and plant-based ingredients to be used in creating antioxidant-rich skincare without any harmful chemicals added. Thus, it is through this passion for utilizing the power of fruits that FRUDIA is now a favourite brand among beauty lovers worldwide! What sets FRUDIA apart and ahead from other brands is its dedication to sourcing the finest, freshest fruit extracts- think about sinking your teeth into luscious berries, zesty citruses or buttery avocado, and now imagine applying all that freshness onto your skin. By harnessing the antioxidant and vitamins content of these fruits, FRUDIA’s goal is to offer your skin with a bountiful dose of vitamins and minerals, to let it radiate and glow!

One of the key challenges in using real fruit extract is preserving their freshness and efficacy in skincare formulations. FRUDIA is a master of this art through its innovative R VITA technology which involves a long process of extracting fruit nutrients, vitamins, colours and scents at low temperatures. Using this state of the art technology, FRUDIA’s Korean beauty products are 100% fruit based with minimal or no addition of purified water. So, each time you open a jar or bottle of FRUDIA, you can be assured that each product is brimming with the vitality of fresh fruits, ready for your skin to indulge in!

FRUDIA Green Grape

If the cute, green packaging of FRUDIA Green Grape line is enough to get you excited about trying it, you’ll love the benefits of this skincare for your skin! Green grapes, as we know, are rich in tannins that can tighten enlarged pores, rebalance skin by controlling sebum production and protect your skin against damage caused by free radicals.

FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Toner | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Calling all oily, combination skin types, acne and blackhead fighters - FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control skincare line lives up to its name and fame for keeping your skin fresh, smooth and refined. With most of the products under this line being EVE Vegan Certified, you can rest assured knowing that it is cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly, and free from harmful chemicals.

FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Cream | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

Start your routine with FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Scrub Cleansing Foam, a functional cleanser that gives your skin the benefits of cleansing and exfoliation by sloughing away dead skin cells, clearing out blackheads and buffing away rough patches. Next, refresh and replenish hydration with FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Toner which you can either sweep using a cotton pad to gently remove any leftover impurities. Follow with FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Serum to support moisture barrier, control excess sebum while tightening pores. Finally, wrap up your routine with the all time favourite moisturiser - FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Control Cream! This sherbet-textured cream quickly turns into a water drop texture upon contact with your skin, leaving a smooth, refreshing and mattified finish while keeping your skin well hydrated.

For those with oily or combination skin, exfoliation is necessary to control excess sebum and prevent buildup of dead skin cells which can lead to blackheads and whiteheads. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times using FRUDIA Green Grape Pore Peeling Pad, which is a gentle, double sided toner pad that provides both physical and chemical exfoliation, revealing glowing and fresh complexion!


FRUDIA Citrus Skincare Line | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

'Orange' you glad to hear that FRUDIA has a Vitamin C rich, citrus skincare line? Yes! With potent brightening and whitening benefits that will revive dull, tired complexion effortlessly, FRUDIA Citrus skincare line is supercharged with high concentrations of Jeju Tangerines, plant seed oils and Niacinamide. Together, these ingredients work by suppressing melanin production, combating dark spots and post-acne scars, while maintaining optimal moisture levels.

For best results, we recommend using the entire FRUDIA Citrus line. Cleanse and slough away dead, dull skin with FRUDIA Citrus Brightening Micro Cleansing Foam, which lathers into a rich foam to remove fine dust and clear out clogged pores effectively. Next, restore hydration with revitalizing FRUDIA Citrus Brightening Toner that has fresh, energizing finish on the skin to brighten tired complexion. This toner is best for the warmer spring and summer months especially to restore that healthy glow!

Your skincare routine and day will be brighter with FRUDIA Citrus Brightening Serum, which is made with 71% citrus fruit juice to illuminate your complexion while leaving a healthy glow. Finally, wrap up your routine with the oh-so-smooth FRUDIA Citrus Brightening Cream, to lock in all the nutrients that your skin will love!


At your *lip* service, to get you and your pout covered! FRUDIA is also popular for their lip balm, to give your lips the same amount of love as the rest of your face.

FRUDIA Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

The next time your lips feel flaky, dry or chapped, give FRUDIA Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm a whirl! Notable for its cute, honey-jar packaging and purple cap, this smooth, buttery lip balm is made with real honey and blueberry juice. It coats your lips with its smooth texture to protect against dryness, while repairing chapped and rough texture with a volumizing, plumping effect. The rich, lasting hydration keeps your lips feeling and looking supple for long durations even underneath any lipstick, lip tint or lip makeup of your choice!

FRUDIA Pomegranate Honey 3 In 1 Lip Balm | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia
Feeling extra fancy? We know you do! For the days where you want to feel a little extra, FRUDIA Pomegranate Honey 3 in 1 Lip Balm is one you will enjoy. Made with honey extract and pomegranate, this coloured lip balm revitalizes your lips with a flush of natural pink shade with deeply moisturising and plumping effect from the brand’s patented Volufiline. Mint extract is added to give your lips a cooling, soothing and repairing finish. With 3 in 1 benefits of plumping, colour and moisturising, this FRUDIA lip balm can be used on its own or to prep your lips before lip makeup.

A little goes a long way when it comes to lip care, because just as the right skincare products help prep and maximise your makeup, an extra step in moisturising your lips will ensure that they are smooth, plump and hydrated for easier lip makeup application that can last longer. Our favourite thing to do with lip care is to apply when together with your face mask pack or mask sheet. Besides, you will be laying on the couch or bingeing your latest series anyway so might as well lather a mask on your lips while you’re at it, right?

Is FRUDIA right for you?

FRUDIA’s dedication to delivering high quality, naturally skin-loving products at affordable prices has garnered praise and loyalty from beauty aficionados. As FRUDIA expands its global presence, it remains committed to its founding principles of using fresh, nutritious fruits as its main ingredient. This inspires trust among its customers, making FRUDIA a beauty brand that your skin will thank you for! So, are you ready to say ‘no’ to skin pore-blems and give FRUDIA a go?

If our FRUDIA skincare review has caught your attention and piqued your interest, you can always shop FRUDIA Australia at BONIIK by visiting our store or simply pressing the button below to shop online.


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