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Article: GOODAL: Natural, Good-For-All Skincare for Real, Visible Results


GOODAL: Natural, Good-For-All Skincare for Real, Visible Results

How wonderful would it be if we could have skin care that is ‘good for all’?

Now combine those words and guess the name of the brand! Did you get GOODAL?

GOODAL is a skin care brand under CLIO Cosmetics that combines the use of innovative processing technology and the power of natural ingredients, to create unique, highly-functional Korean skin care products. Their slogan ‘Good For All’ encompasses the brand’s mission to restore the skin’s vitality and health through nature’s energy, by using only high quality ingredients that is perfect for all skin types. Furthermore, GOODAL’s gentle, skin-friendly formulation is free from harmful additives such as parabens, drying alcohols, artificial fragrances and artificial colouring which can trigger or worsen irritation.

Apart from being able to select and use top quality ingredients in their products, GOODAL’s modern processing technology is a game-changer in terms of being able to fully extract and preserve the skin-loving benefits of each ingredient they are using, by slowly pressing, boiling or steaming them over many hours.


Green Tangerine Line

GOODAL Green Tangerine | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Store in Australia

GOODAL Green Tangerine line is a brightening and whitening skin care line formulated with high concentrations of green tangerine. Rich in antioxidants and with more Vitamin C content than regular tangerines or any other citrus fruit, these antioxidant-rich fruits are perfect in helping your skin achieve visibly clearer, luminous and silky-smooth texture. Apart from its high Vitamin C content, GOODAL Green Tangerine line is enriched with collagen and Vitamin P which boosts the skin’s resilience against eternal environmental stress caused by free radical damage. It works by stimulating skin cell regeneration, whiten dark spots and improve skin texture by fading scars.

The green tangerines are cold-pressed to retain their antioxidant and nutrient levels, then mixed with other ingredients such as niacindamide, centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid and even green tea to give it a boost of brightening, calming and intensified hydrating properties. With refreshing, lightweight formula that does not leave sticky or greasy residue, GOODAL Green Tangerine is suitable for all skin types and can be used at any time of the day.

GOODAL Green Tangerine Dark Spot Serum | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Store in Australia

For best results, use the entire GOODAL Green Tangerine line. It has everything your skin needs from cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturiser and even eye and face masks! A favourite among the green tangerine line is the GOODAL Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum Plus which is a gel-like serum with subtle and fresh citrus scent. This smooth serum helps improve skin texture, fade dark spots and eliminate hyperpigmentation


Houttuynia Cordata

GOODAL Houttuynia Cordata | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Store in Australia

GOODAL Houttuynia Cordata line is an intensively soothing, calming and cooling skin care line made with high concentrations of houttuynia cordata leaf, which is also known as ‘heartleaf’. Native to Southeast Asia, Houttuynia Cordata is used in traditional Asian medicine to boost blood circulation, purify the body by flushing out toxins, as well as alleviate inflammation in the body. They are commonly consumed raw or in the form of an edible extract. In skincare, it is most commonly used to treat rashes, eczema, rosacea, acne and other skin conditions, thanks to its powerful calming and hydrating properties.

The best Houttuynia Cordata is harvested at its peak season, around April where the weather tends to be sunny in Korea. GOODAL ensures that only the freshest leaves that contain an abundance of moisture are harvested, giving your skin potent yet gentle herbal calming effects.

This ingredient has a unique leaf that is similar to the shape of a heart (talk about giving this to your loved one on Valentine’s Day!), and is boasting high amounts of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. GOODAL Houttuynia Cordata line is extracted in two steps, first involves extraction at low temperatures and second is at high temperatures. This 2-step process is done to keep its dense nutrient content while eliminating any of the plant’s natural scent.

GOODAL Houttuynia Cordata Calming Essence | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Store in Australia

For best results, use the entire GOODAL Houttuynia Cordata skincare line to provide your skin with deeply hydrating, calming effects. Feel and see the difference it makes in alleviating redness, breakouts, inflammation and troubled skin. The Houttuynia Cordata line’s popular product is the GOODAL Houttuynia Cordata Calming Essence. This versatile, do-it-all product can be used as your daily essence, toner or facial mist to restore hydration, as well as a face pad or mask when cotton pads or mask sheet is soaked in it.


There is no doubt that GOODAL is set to earn a permanent place in your daily skin care routine! The efficacious products that bring about visible changes you can feel and see for yourself make GOODAL one of the best options if you are looking for clean, cruelty-free and natural skin care brand! Shop GOODAL at BONIIK today!


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