BONIIK // Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year - It’s one of the most exciting time of the year again. Red Packets filled with good fortune and luck, warm family gatherings, enjoying a good show of Dragon and Lion dances, and of course... good food to celebrate the New Year, wishing each other good luck, fortune and health.

By showing your love and blessings this year, instead of traditional gifts, why not surprise your loved ones with some delicate and premium Festival Gift Sets to wish them for another year with healthy and radiant-looking skin! 

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 Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating Special Gift Set

Make them feel premium & luxurious 

Make your loved ones feel special and luxurious with our premium sets here. Enriched with Heaven Grade Ginseng, which is the the highest class of ginseng (top 1% of red ginseng), along with Wild Pine Mushrooms and traditiional Korean herbs. 

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The Perfect Gift for Everyone!

Not sure which skincare suits best for your family and friends? Chia Seed Special Skincare Set is your solution! You can never go wrong with the Chia Seed Range as it is suitable for all skin type!

Packed with minerals from 100% natural Chia Seed extracts, this Skincare set gives you refreshing and long-lasting moisture while balancing your oil-water level within your skin. The Perfect Go-To for this summer!

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SULWHASOO Snowise Brightening 2 Set

Get skin GLOWING

Another year with glowy and healthy-looking skin! One of our most loved brightening skincare of all times - Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Range.

These magic bottles here make skin glow and youthful with White Cloud Grass and White Ginseng components, reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentations, leaving your skin for a clear and translucent look.

SULWHASOO - Snowise Brightening 2 Set / $ 315.00 [ 15% OFF ]



LANEIGE New Basic 2 Set

Hydration is always the KEY to healthy skin

Remind your loved ones to hydrate their skin with Laneige's Basic Duo Set that comes with hydrating Toner and Moisture! They instantly and effectively restore moisture to dry and flaky skin, leaving skin long-lasting moisture and nourishment.

LANEIGE - Basic Duo Set / $ 124.00 [ 15% OFF ]