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A week till Valentine’s Day is here. Whether you are going out with your loved one for a romantic date and walk along the beach, or meeting up with your squads for a single night out – it is the perfect time for you to push up your makeup game.

Don't know where to begin? We have got you covered! Get inspired from our Day & Night look for biggest and most romantic date ever. 





Let’s begin with The Face Shop Zero Fit Primer Lumiere to even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes. It gives a beautiful and smooth base for your makeup application with a dewy and brightening finish. 

Apply adequate amount of 3CE Back to Baby BB Cream that helps build a clear and vital skin with sleek coverage. This is the perfect choice for this look as it revives your pure and translucent baby-like skin tone with a glow…and the best part is it does not oxidize! So no need to get stressed out about your makeup getting dull throughout the date!

**Tip: Dampen your sponge with water or spray some mist to create a supple and dewy baby skin with a translucent glow.


The gorgeous Multi Color palette #Warm Wear from 3CE x Maison Kitsune, cultivate a soft and vibrant girly look. Apply these flattering warm coral shades for a cozy vibe, paring with the matching blush from the same palette to make the overall look more put together. 


Add a bit of glitter to the middle of your lids with 3CE Eye Switch #Petal pink color. Totally love this Eye switch gives a dazzling touch of glitter and brightens up your eyes like starlight! A shimmer eye switch that keeps our eyes hydrated with Vitamin E from nourishing ingredients such as Shea Butter - How cool is that! 

Draw the perfect Eye line without shaky hands drawing with LANEIGE Finger Graphic Liner. This new innovative handle design allows you to draw non-trembling, delicate and clear line with its water and sweat proof formula.


Swipe a sheer and pink lip tint with 3CE Tattoo Lip Tint #Yay or Nay for your last step. Like what it is said, this lip tint sticks onto your lips like TATTOO! It gives a very beautiful and vivid color yet moisturizing-rich lip stain. This is a must-have for you as the color stays on your lips all day without the need for touchups and transfers…so say goodbye to those awkward lipstick marks on glasses.

**Tip: Apply the tint in the middle of your lips, then spread it out with your fingers for a more natural look.


And there you go, the sweet and flattering look - you are all set and ready to step up your game. You go Girl!






Sultry, smoky, caramel-toned look to surprise and impress your date with a sexy yet classy look at your dinner night.


Start off with 3CE Back to Baby Makeup Base that comes in 4 different types for color correcting – Yellow for correcting blotchy and uneven skin tone, Lavender for eliminating yellow and dull skin complexion, Green for neutralizing redness, Blue for brightening up skin complexion. These base primers help build and create a smooth canvas for our next makeup application.


Our recommendation for the perfect foundation that gives a good coverage without dry out your skin throughout the night – is LANEIGE Skin Veil Cover Foundation. As if layering a veil over the skin, this high-cover, extreme-adhesive and long-lasting foundation sets a thin yet dense cover with milky application.

**Tip: Tap the face with a sponge or an air puff as a finishing touch to express thinner, adhering makeup film on skin.



Give you eyes a POP with 3CE Triple Eye shadow #SWOON for a bright and bronze smoky look with glittery burgundy that adds an extra touch of glamour. This set here has the perfect combination of base, shade and definition are all-in-one to create a natural yet fabulous makeup look for your date night.

**Tip: Apply shimmer eye shadows with your fingers for a better color payoff.


Liquid and Pen Liner all-in-one! Swing your eyeliner with this long-wearing The Face Shop 2IN1 Eyeliner with Water-proof formula to create a long-lasting delicate eye makeup without smudging.

**Tip: Use the Liquid liner for the edges of eyes or any areas that need emphasis to create vivid lines, while filling in gaps between lashes with the pen liner.


Swap out our 3CE Eye Switch for adding a bit of silver glitter in your inner eyes corner, it will lighten up your smoky and moody look for the next-level sexy. You can apply it on your bottom waterline if you want to add brilliance and ‘bling bling’ to your eyes. 

Don’t forget to contour! our favorite contour palette is The Face Shop Dual Contour. This based type contouring has two shades to emphasize facial lining which blend naturally with the skin tone.

**Tip: Apply the darker brown color shade onto the hairline and jaw line and the lighter beige color for cheekbones and noses.


Finish off 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lipstick #115 that is a beautiful Rose beige color, which is the ultimate statement of femininity, with a softness that will make your face radiate.



Now you are ready to put on your finest dress, we bet you will have a romantic Valentine’s Day!


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