Six Natural Korean Beauty Brands You Should Know About

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When we think of Korean beauty or natural Korean beauty brands, we often think of traditional herbs such as ginseng, goji berries, safflower, Nokyong. While these ingredients have been highly favoured and in fact deemed effective in delivering the expected results, Korean beauty is looking deeper into other beauty ingredients. At the same time, consumers of K-beauty are now straying away from conventional skincare and makeup products, and are more willing to adopt 'clean beauty', products with minimal ingredients and those that will look after the skin's health in the long term.

We found this article from Vogue Australia written by Kelly Jin, about Six Natural Korean Beauty Brands You Should Know About. These are uniquely formulated with natural and clean ingredients that are skin-friendly, suitable for all skin types and work effectively in delivering the desired results. You may even find some of our favourite brands on that list!