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Article: TORRIDEN Brand Review: Voyage to Optimal Beauty


TORRIDEN Brand Review: Voyage to Optimal Beauty

Dehydrated, dull, tired skin always getting the better of you? It’s time to meet your new K-Beauty obsession - TORRIDEN! TORRIDEN skincare is a beauty brand established in 2015 with key missions of being simple, together and positive. Based on these principles, TORRIDEN aims to research and develop products based on the inner needs of the skin, creating a healthy environment in which it can thrive while finding the perfect balance between functionality and comfort.

The brand name TORRIDEN was inspired by Torridon, a tranquil, clean village in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland which is home to native wildlife and plants. TORRIDEN believes that our skin is an important environment that must be protected, in order to preserve its natural beauty just like how Torridon village is protected and unharmed. As such, TORRIDEN Australia is committed to researching and developing the best products for all skin types, featuring ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, collagen and Centella asiatica.

Is TORRIDEN cruelty-free? TORRIDEN beauty believes that by implementing sustainable practices and cruelty-free efforts in all of their products, they can deliver products that meet the skin’s most fundamental needs without compromising on quality.

TORRIDEN Dive-In Skincare Line

If you haven’t seen these cute baby blue coloured bottles across your social media platform, you’re (most probably) missing out! TORRIDEN Dive-In skincare line is its top selling collection, formulated with hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights. This allows for deep absorption into different layers of the skin, promotes skin cell regeneration while reducing the appearance of dry patches and fine lines by smoothing out skin texture. The lightweight, fast absorbing and plumping nature of this line makes it suitable for those all skin types that need a boost of hydration!

The most popular products from this line include TORRIDEN Dive In Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which is a watery type facial serum that instantly hydrates and soothes skin with a fresh finish. For the perfect hydrating duo, pair Torriden dive in serum with TORRIDEN Dive In Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Cream, which will lock in the hydration with a plumping and cooling feeling!

What about sensitive skin? Don’t worry! TORRIDEN products are made without the addition of irritating or harsh ingredients like artificial fragrances, dyes or animal derived ingredients - so you can be assured that you are putting only gentle, cruelty-free and environmentally conscious products on your skin!

Is TORRIDEN right for your skin?

TORRIDEN skincare is formulated to cater to a wide range of skin types and skin concerns, including common ailments like dehydration, acne, premature aging and skin damage cause by external environmental stressors. Through the use of high quality ingredients and omitting potential irritants like artificial fragrances, colourants or parabens, TORRIDEN is able to build a reputation of creating beauty products suitable for those with sensitive, delicate skin.

Ready to try TORRIDEN Australia? With its commitment to become a guiding star to your K-Beauty skincare voyage, this trustworthy brand will help you find the perfect ingredients and products for your skin’s everyday needs!

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