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Article: Where to buy Korean Makeup in Australia?

Where to buy Korean Makeup in Australia?

New to Korean Makeup? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here are the Must-Buys from 3 of the top makeup brands in Korea: 3CE, The Face Shop and Laneige.


3CE, Korea’s iconic and tread leading makeup brand, known for their vivid and vibrant colors and cute packaging, have been winning the hearts of young people. Ranging from netural to bold colors, 3CE has everything you need to create the Korean playful makeup look.



3CE’s best selling item is definitely 3CE Velvet Lip Tint. Ranging from neutral, pink, bright red to bold shades, these soft and velvety lip tints give a rich color payoff with a beautiful matte finish. Complete your petal-like gradient lips with only one swipe (and it lasts for the whole day)!

Tip: Change it up to a glossy look with 3CE Glass Gloss on top of the Lip Tint!


Take a Layer Multi Pot


With its latest and hottest collection – Take a Layer, their multi-use and highly-pigmented Take a Layer Multi Pot softly blend and blurs into skin for a airy and matte finish for Lips, Cheeks and Eyes. Enriched with Shea butter, its creamy texture melts onto skin for vivid and long-lasting color, enabling you to effortlessly match shades for an endearing look.

Tips: Take a moderate amount with your finger and blend it well to your lips, eyes and cheeks.



You cannot miss out 3CE subtle and natural eye makeup, especially with their Mood Recipe Multi Eye Palette #Plot Twist. The palette gives 9 soft and delicate colors from subtle and natural to bold and intense that can be used every day, allowing you to create different eye makeup looks.

Add a touch of elegance with soft and sweet peanut brown shades, while the darker contouring shades give depth and definition.



THE FACE SHOP offers a wide range of products including skin care, makeup, mask and body care. They are well-known for their good quality products with friendly and affordable price ranges, favouring people with different shopping budget. If you’re new and would like to test out Korean Makeup at affordable prices, this is your way in!


One of their most beloved and best sellers from THE FACE SHOP is the Concealer Dual Veil. This awards-winning concealer combines both liquid and cream stick concealers to improve imperfections and blemishes for the perfect coverage and flawless skin. It also contains Perfect Seed that brightens and smoothens by improving skin tone, texture and radiance.

Tip: Use the Cream stick concealer for covering spot areas, and apply Liquid Concealer to spots, freckles or areas with acne and gently spread to make it look natural. 



When it comes to Korean Beauty, LANEIGE is surely one of the top Korean brands with high quality skin care and makeup products for more than twenty years. – a brand that we can trust in their products, LANEIGE never fails to provide innovative and high-quality products, aiming to help achieve radiant, clear and flawless skin.


LANEIGE Neo Cushion Matte | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

The next big hit item is LANEIGE Neo Cushion Matte, the most popular cushion foundation launched by LANEIGE. With light to high coverage depending on the application, this cushion know hows to last on your skin all day with a matte finish. 

Now you know all the Korean Must-Buys from 3CE, THE FACE SHOP and LANEIGE.

Shop more makeup items and create your own playful Korean Makeup look here.

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