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Article: Korean Skincare Solutions for your Sensitive Skin


Korean Skincare Solutions for your Sensitive Skin

Korean Skincare Solutions for your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Blog  BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Makeup in Australia

Here, we talk about Low-irritant Dermatologically Tested skincare solutions that are specially formulated to help manage and improve sensitive skin, which can be also suitable for skin conditions including eczema and rosacea.






PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Makeup in AustraliaYou know you can 100% trust Pyunkang Yul when it comes to troubled skin and skin disorders – as the brand is established by Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital that expertise in treating atopic skin disorders. We love its gentle and cruelty-free formula that only uses natural and safe ingredients, avoiding unnecessary chemical substances.

Hence, we start off with one of its best seller - PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner. As how this is named, this is more than just a toner.  It delivers skin benefits from both a toner and an essence.

Unlike most of the toners, this essence toner uses Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract instead of water to deliver nutrient-filled moisture to skin. Plus, it offers anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties from its 91.3% of nourishing Milk Vecht Root extract. Its gentle, nutrient-rich and nourishing formula best replenish moisture and prep your troubled skin after cleansing.




Ceramides, oh Ceramides! Ceramides are definitely one of the ingredients you should include in your skincare routine. They help repair, restore and strengthen skin barrier by limiting moisture loss and protecting against external stressors such as pollution.

DR.JART Ceramidin Serum BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Makeup in Australia Hence, we recommend DR.JART+ Ceramidin Serum which is made of 5 different kinds of Ceramides complex. This high-concentrated serum not only restores skin moisture by forming a protective barrier to relieving extreme dryness and flaky skin. It also improves skin barrier function by strengthening damaged skin cells and accelerates skin’s own ceramide production to refine skin’s smooth and soft complexion. This fragrance –free and dermatologically tested serum will allow your skin to enjoy until the last drop of the bottle.










 PYUNKANG YUL Ato Lotion Blue Label BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Makeup in Australia


Looking for a soothing yet moisturizing lotion? PYUNKANG YUL Ato Lotion is infused with honeysuckle flower extract butter cream along with 17 kinds of ingredients verified by US Environmental Working Group (EWG), deeply hydrates you skin with rich moisture and smoothens skin texture.

An all-in-one lotion that can be used for face and body, suitable for everyone even for babies and pregnant women. Plus, it comes in giant bottle - A little goes a long way!



Dry and itchy skin damages skin with scaly rashes and through all the scratching. This is when THE FACE SHOP Dr.Belmeur CICA Peptite Ampoule comes in play. A few drops of this highly concentrated ampoule soothe and strengthen damaged barriers of sensitive skin, while recovering uneven skin texture with deep hydration and nourishment. Formulated with Peptite* Complex and Cica Solution, this ampoule helps boost skin cells regeneration and tightens and firms skin elasticity to create a youthful and resilient skin texture.

Tip: Double boost the effect by mixing the ampoule with your favorite moisturizer (scroll down to read more!) 

DR.JART Cicapair Calming MaskREADY & MASK ON

Formulated with Centella Asiatica and Tiger Grass Complex, recognized for its extraordinary power of healing and recovering wounds, this DR.JART+ Cicapair Calming Mask instantly soothes and delivers moisture to irritated skin – an excellent solution to recover your skin from inflammation, redness and blemishes.



DR.JART Ceramidin Cream Moisturiser BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skin Care Makeup in AustraliaWrap up your skincare routine with the most essential part - DR.JART+ Ceramidin Cream. This ultra-moisturizing and nourishing cream supports and improves skin’s restoration and regeneration ability by repairing damaged sensitive skin cells and treat dryness, atopic skin, allergy, and itchiness. All in all, this ultimate solution to relieve itchiness, flakiness and tightening from extreme dryness with its nutrients and moisture-rich repair formula. 

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