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Lets welcome the VITASSIE SUN CREAM to the Feat By You skincare collection. This is one way of keeping your skin calm and hydrated while being protected before you head out for the day. We must say our BONIIK team is absolutely enjoying using this lightweight fast absorbing and non-greasy sun cream. 

Formulated with ingredients that make your skin do a little happy dance, hence it being suitable for all skin types, this is the perfect product to finish off your skincare routine. 

Let's do a deep dive and see what all the fuss is about!

Feat By You Vitassie Sun Cream | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia




A game changer for healthier and glow-y skin! A superhero in skincare that can help transform your complexion. Let's have a look at what Niacinamide actually is.


Niacinamide is actually a special form of vitamin B-3, a water-soluble vitamin which is essential for maintaining healthy-looking skin. This popular ingredient can be found in a wide range of skincare formulations, including many of Feat By You  skincare products such as VITASSIE FOREST ENERGY VITAMIN AMPOULE BLEMISH SOLUTION, VITASSIE VITA CICA REFRESHING GEL CREAM  and of course the new  VITASSIE SUN CREAM  

As it turns out our bodies do not naturally produce Niacinamide which is why we need to get it from external sources such as our diet or skincare products. This vitamin has many benefits to our overall body health especially when it comes to general skin health.


We are now experiencing Niacinamide as a popular ingredient in skincare products especially in Korean Beauty. 

This ingredient has been active in skincare for a long time. So why all the hype all of a sudden? Lets jump into the skin benefits to find out why!

This superhero skincare ingredient can help build keratin which is a protein that assists with maintaining skin health in the skin and locks in moisture to prevent environmental damage. It’s also been shown to make your skin stronger, smoother and brighter. What more could you ask for in skincare? Literally the be all and end all in skincare ingredients.

The best part is that all of these benefits can be seen with an array of Feat By You skincare products including the VITASSIE SUN CREAM  This ingredient is also known for its individual benefits such as, protecting against sun damage as it can rebuild healthy skin cells while also protecting them from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. It also regulates oil, minimises fine lines and wrinkles and pore appearance. 


Vitamin C is a legendary skin care ingredient which brings many health benefits for your skin including promoting collagen production and protecting against sun damage. Now we know why it is a key ingredient to the Feat By You VITASSIE SUN CREAM


Vitamin C is fuelled with antioxidants that are known to make your skin radiant and youthful. It also has great anti-inflammatory components which helps reduce the signs of inflammation such as rash, redness and irritation.


There are many benefits of vitamin C when applied to the skin topically. Such as, protection from sun exposure, skin hydration, prevents fine lines and wrinkles, lowers dark pigmentation of the skin and improves elasticity of the skin. 

As you can see the benefits of vitamin C vary and are surrounded by skin health properties as it works efficiently and accelerates production within. 

Essentially it allows your skin to maintain a smooth, even and glow-y complexion. Now you can reap these benefits with ALL Feat By You products as they all include Vitamin C.


Feat By You Vitassie Sun Cream | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia



The Feat By You VITASSIE SUN CREAM is the saving grace of sun creams as it is hydrating and calming to the skin, allowing for protection for your day ahead. The reason why we are raving on about it so much is not only because of the great ingredients, however it is also Lightweight, semi-matte texture, this sunscreen can also be used on its own to give the skin a smooth, velvety finish.


After applying your Feat By You products during your skincare regime it is best to apply your VITASSIE SUN CREAM as the final step of your skincare routine. Ensure you apply a generous layer over your face and neck (we can’t forget about the neck!) and gently pat for better absorption. It is recommended to apply the sunscreen 20 minutes prior to going outdoors, and reapply every 2 hours or as required.

 Shop Feat By You VITASSIE SUN CREAM today to experience K-beauty’s beloved sun cream.


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