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Article: MEDIHEAL Toner Pads Review

MEDIHEAL Toner Pads Review

What are Toner Pads?

MEDIHEAL Toner Pads | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia

You would have seen beauty influencers, enthusiasts and (quite literally) everyone jumping into the K-Beauty trend of incorporating toner pads into their skincare regimes. They are basically cotton pads that have been pre-soaked in essence containing different ingredients and textures to cater to individual skin types and concerns. They remove the need for toner bottles and cotton pads, so they’re travel friendly for our wanderlust friends or our busy bees that have little time to do their skincare routine.

If you have sensitive skin and have been traumatized by the thought of facial exfoliation, toner pads will fix that! You can use toner pads to gently exfoliate your skin, without tugging or excessively buffing it - find one that contains gentle exfoliants and you’re good to go (you’re welcome)!

Benefits of using Toner Pads

Whoever invented the toner pad deserves a standing ovation! Not only are they convenient and easy to use, they are mess free because you can just take a pad, swipe it all over your face and neck to give your skin that glorious glowy finish.

Apart from the convenient side of things, toner pads also double as face masks to quickly revive thirsty, dehydrated skin. The best part? You can mix and match the different Mediheal toner pad variants to suit your skin’s needs. Say you have combination skin with oil slick-like T-Zone and desert-dry U-Zone, you can apply MEDIHEAL Teatree Trouble Pad on areas that require oil control like your forehead and MEDIHEAL Collagen Ampoule Pad on your cheeks to amp up the moisture and elasticity.

Types of MEDIHEAL Toner Pads

MEDIHEAL has been celebrated for its recent launch of game-changing Korean beauty skincare products. Drum rolls please… facial toner pads! These innovative products have made their way to being one of the most sought after skincare products thanks to their convenience and ease of use. MEDIHEAL is popular for their award winning sheet masks, which as we all know is at the heart of Korean skincare, and is what makes K-beauty so popular globally. So when they launched toner pads, our team at BONIIK dived straight into it and we must say, we weren’t ready for the hydration and glow!

With 7 different variants to choose from, there will always be a toner pad for everyone!

  • MEDIHEAL Madecassoside Blemish Pad: Quickly calm redness, reduce inflammation and soften uneven skin texture with the soothing and hydrating properties of Madecassoside and Centella asiatica.
  • MEDIHEAL Teatree Trouble Pad: Formulated with tea tree to control excess sebum, reduce shine and prevent breakouts.
  • MEDIHEAL Collagen Ampoule Pad: Instantly improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines with the nourishing goodness of collagen, ceramides and milk protein.
  • MEDIHEAL Phyto-Enzyme Peeling Pad: For a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation with natural papaya enzyme and LHA to slough away dead skin cells, revealing a fresh, healthy glow.
  • MEDIHEAL Vitamide Brightening Pad: Contains Vitamin C and Niacinamide to brighten and illuminate dull skin that lacks lustre, while improving the appearance of dark spots.
  • MEDIHEAL Watermide Moisture Pad: The most hydrating and lightweight toner pads from the collection, think of it as a hydration fountain for your skin.
  • MEDIHEAL Retinol Collagen Lifting Pad: Made with retinol to boost cell regeneration and has a unique stretchable pad to firm and lift sagging skin.


How to use MEDIHEAL Toner Pads


On cleansed skin, apply a few pieces of the toner pads onto your cheeks, forehead and chin then leave it on for 10 minutes like a sheet mask. This will allow the nutritious essences to absorb into your skin and deliver hydration before you continue with your remaining skincare steps. MEDIHEAL Retinol Collagen Lifting Pad will work best with this method, simply stretch the toner pads and them on your skin for a lifting and firming effect. Once 10 minutes is up, remove the pads and gently tap any remaining essence into your skin.


If your skin is in need of a quick hydration boost, or light exfoliation to refresh it - you can use the wipe-to-tone method which is sweeping the toner pads over your face like how you would use a toner and cotton pad. This is recommended especially if you are using the MEDIHEAL Phyto Enzyme Peeling Pad for light exfoliation.


Next level results achieved, with these beauty gems that make K-Beauty routines such a breeze! In all seriousness, our team at BONIIK is very happy with how these have transformed our daily skincare routines for the better, no more fumbling with toner bottles and cotton pads especially in the morning when time is precious. Also, our team members with sensitive skin found that these toner pads have been a huge lifesaver on days where their skin is ‘acting up’ or needing a little more tlc than usual - because just 10 minutes of sheet masking made a huge difference in alleviating redness and dryness.

We are thrilled with the results and can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of MEDIHEAL facial toner pads with us. Shop online today or visit our store to try them out because they’re satisfaction guaranteed!

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