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Article: I’M FROM Pear Serum Review

I’M FROM Pear Serum Review

Vegan skincare lovers rejoice! I’M FROM is back with another Korean skincare facial serum that is vegan-friendly, cruelty free, lightweight and fresh! Perfect for summer (or any other season, really), it feels like giving your skin a refreshing beverage. Let’s meet I’M FROM Pear Serum!


Main Ingredients

I'M FROM Pear Serum review | BONIIK Best Korean Cosmetics Australia

I’M FROM Pear Serum is made with 83% wild pear leaf extract from Baegun Mountain and plant-based hyaluronic acid. Pears are known for their cooling and soothing properties that can help alleviate redness, inflammation and heatiness from the skin, which is caused by external environmental stress. In addition, hyaluronic acid’s best property is that it can retain high amounts of hydration, boost skin elasticity to relieve dehydration.

Together, the combination of these ingredients help restore optimal moisture levels of the skin, maintain smooth and clarified complexion without greasy residue, and provides soothing finish!



I'M FROM Pear Serum Texture Review | BONIIK Australia

Just by looking at the bottle and giving it a little shake, you would know that I’M FROM Pear Serum has a very lightweight, almost watery texture. Yes! This serum has a clear, slightly viscous texture that is much like a facial toner with fast absorbing properties that your skin will be able to drink up in no time! Our BONIIK team instantly loved the pear serum after the first try, and how well it sits underneath makeup to give a quick plumping finish to smooth out skin texture.

Without the addition of any artificial fragrances, colouring, parabens, mineral oils or any other harmful additives, this serum definitely a must-have if you love all things K-beauty!


How to incorporate into your skincare routine?

I'M FROM Pear Serum Reviews | BONIIK Australia Best Korean Cosmetics Store

I’M FROM Pear Serum can be used together with other skin care ingredients including hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and E, or even natural skin care ingredients like honey or propolis. For best results, use I’M FROM Pear Serum after wiping your skin with I’M FROM Pear Soothing Pads, which provides gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and other impurities trapped within the pores. Apply 2-3 pumps of the serum and spread evenly on your face and neck, then lightly tap to boost its absorption. Follow with a facial moisturiser of your choice to seal in all the hydration!



I'M FROM Pear Serum Australia Reviews | BONIIK Best Korean Cosmetics

We must say, I’M FROM Pear Serum is like a refreshing drink, cooling drink for our skin! Not only is its lightweight and cooling finish comfortable on the skin especially during the warmer months, it leaves a soothing finish that quickly calms redness and inflammation especially when your skin is feeling heated or prickly.

When paired with I’M FROM Pear Soothing Pads, the cooling and soothing effect is instantly elevated and you can definitely apply more than one layer for instantly hydrated, plump finish. Our BONIIK team members with oily or combination skin benefited most from this lightweight Korean skincare serum. We loved how well the serum absorbs into the skin and the way that it sits underneath our daily makeup without causing it to appear greasy or dry; it makes a great night time serum too to maintain optimal hydration levels. With the right amount of hydration and no addition of artificial fragrances and colourants, even those with sensitive skin can use I’M FROM Pear Serum!


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