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Mugwort Mask

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I’M FROM Mugwort Mask is a wash-off mask pack that helps to calm and soothe, irritated and sensitive skin types. Using Mugwort harvested from Ganghwa, South Korea, this mask helps detox the skin by providing it with an abundance of vitamins and minerals to help calm down inflamed skin caused by acne while cooling down the skin.

The nourishing gel-textured mask helps to preserve the active ingredients and is gentle enough for daily use to protect irritated skin from external aggressors. The cruelty-free mask pack provides calming care to red or troubled skin by strengthening the skin’s barrier, resulting in a smooth and youthful appearance.

For an easy application of the mugwort mask, use I'M FROM Silicon Mask Brush.

    I'M FROM Mugwort Mask Review

    Mugwort Mask Benefits:

    • Calms and detoxifies the skin
    • Wash-off type mask pack
    • Cruelty-free
    • Strengthens and refines skins texture
    • Calms irritated skin

    For best results, use together with:

    Size: 110g/30g

    MADE IN KOREA. All of our products are 100% authentic.

    I’M FROM Mugwort Mask | BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup Store in Australia
    Mugwort Mask Sale price$58.00 AUD