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All Take Mood Technique Palette

Colour:01 Around Brown
Sale price$45.00 AUD
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PERIPERA All Take Mood Technique Palette is a multifunctional palette that comes with 12 different shades in both matte and glitter finishes to create any eyeshadow look to suit any occasion. The palette is comprised of various amount of moods and tones that beings lighter from the top and are more concentrated towards the bottom. The multi-use palette has various textures for various purposes such as eye shadow, brow products and blush. The shades include a variety of colourful pearls and glitter particles that allows you to create delicate or glamorous looks.

Available in:

01 Around Brown - Comes in a daily nude brown and reddish shades

02 Shall We Cherry Comes with muted mauve-pink colours 

03 My Autumn Mood - Comes with coral pink-brown to express autumn vibes

04 In My Mute Pink - Cool mute colour with pink and muted tone for a vintage filter

05 Love You Pinkful Berry - Light to bright plum-pink shades with cool undertones

Key Points:

  • Natural-looking finish
  • Versatile eyeshadow palette
  • Smooth, buildable texture
  • Can be used as a face blush or contour
  • Colours that blend seamlessly with one another

Size: 1ea

MADE IN KOREA. All our products are 100% authentic.

PERIPERA All Take Mood Technique Palette BONIIK Korean Makeup Australia
All Take Mood Technique Palette Sale price$45.00 AUD