Eyeshadow Rubycell Tip 4P


THE FACE SHOP Eyeshadow Rubycell Tip 4P is an eyeshadow applicator with double-edged sponge tips. It has a smooth, soft texture that picks up eyeshadow easily and allows for even application on the eyelids. The rounded edge can be used to blend colors well, giving a smooth color payoff; while the sharper edge can be used on areas that require more details like the corners of the eye.

Key Points:

  • Rubycell material
  • Smooth texture
  • Allows for even application of eye makeup
  • Double-edged
  • Small, travel-friendly size

Size: 4 pieces

Lightly swipe or dab the sponge tip on eye makeup and apply over your eyelids.

Rubycell, PS handle.

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