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Pro Salon Nail Pusher

Sale price$13.00 AUD

THE FACE SHOP Pro Salon Nail Pusher helps push cuticles around the nails for easier nail polish and manicure application. It removes excess keratin as well as outgrown cuticles gently, giving it a neater appearance. The nail pusher is made of durable material that is light and ergonomic for easier handling and control.

Key Points:

  • Prepares nails for manicure or nail polish application
  • Durable material
  • Easy to use
  • Rounded edge to fit shape of nails
  • Removes excess cuticles and keratin

Size: 1pc

THE FACE SHOP Pro Salon Nail Pusher | Accessories | BONIIK
Pro Salon Nail Pusher Sale price$13.00 AUD