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Article: How To: Korean Natural Dewy Makeup Look


How To: Korean Natural Dewy Makeup Look

How To: Korean Natural Dewy Makeup Look BONIIK Blog Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in Australia

What do you think of when we mention Korean Makeup? The Dewy, Glowy skin peachy eyeshadows, gradient lips & straight brows.

Get that Glow and Dewiness from the base

To have a clear and bright base is the foundation of the flawless and dewy makeup look. A lot of people believe makeup bases are just for prepping your skin for makeup application and allow it to stay longer throughout the day. However, they do more than that. Makeup bases help even out blemishes, skin tone and perfect your complexion for a flawless and smooth makeup look.

For this Korean bright and clear look, our favourite pick is KLAVUU White Pearlsation Ideal Actress Backstage Cream. As its name, this tinted base is to create the flawless and dewy look of Korean actresses, by brightening the overall skin complexion and correcting dull and uneven skin tone. Formulated with Pearl extracts, it boosts radiance and creates a dewiness of the skin, leaving your skin looking radiant with a healthy glow.

Bonus: It also comes in SPF 30 PA++ for sun protection. A 5-in-1 base as it acts as a sunscreen + primer + makeup base + tone-up cream and color corrector – and that is why this is our Holy Grail for our dewy and glowy makeup look.


One Cushion that does it all

When it comes to the base foundation, it is impossible to not mention BB/ CC Compact cushion foundation. Korean Cushion foundation is very popular for its natural and dewy finish with makeup and skincare all combined into one convenient formula.

We recommend you to check out KLAVUU Blue Pearlsation High Coverage Marine Collagen Aqua Cushion if you have not already! This high adhering cushion gives high coverage that gives a moisturised and smooth finish that lasts all day. Not to mention, it is formulated with skin-friendly pearl extract and micro-collagen that creates a ‘Blooming Finish’ - a revitalized and glowing finish. This moisturizing cushion gives a radiant and dewy finish with high coverage – The most flawless and beautiful complexion that you will ever get!

Tips: Apply cushion with THE FACE SHOP Air Puff Full Coverage for better coverage and enhanced dewiness.

Tips: Spray your favorite hydrating mist over the puff before applying will enhance the glowy and dewy finish.


Embrace the Straight brows

You can see most Korean celebrities have straight looking brows with a slight arch – as it creates a sweet and more youthful look. Also, unlike the Western trend with strong and bold brows, Koreans tend to prefer more natural looking brows with the softer colors.

If you are going for this natural look, fill in your eyebrows and complete the slight arc for the straight looking brows with THE FACE SHOP Designing Eyebrow Pencil. Make sure there are no hard edges and remember to brush them out evenly for a more natural look.


Keeping it soft

For eyeshadows, Koreans prefer to keep their eye makeup with soft and minimal colors. They prefer to use colors that are similar and matching with their skin tone. As such, we recommend using colors like pink, coral and light brown which can be found in 3CE Multi Color Maison Kitsune Palette #Freezing Step. This warm tone palette includes 6 creamy and long-lasting shades that give shadow, blusher and highlighter look.

 Tips: To produce a more iridescent effect and minimise fallout, use fingertip to pat colour onto eyelid.


Brown instead of Black

To achieve the natural and youthful look, many Koreans prefer using brown eyeliner for a softer and more natural look. With LANEIGE Creamy Crystal Eyeliner Waterproof, you can create sophisticated look in a few strokes with the combined effect of soft gel eyeliner and convenient pencil liner. The waterproof formula also prevents from smudging by sweat and sebum, allowing you to express a defined eye makeup.


Blush & Lighten it up

3CE Take A Layer #Holly Hock Blusher BONIIK Best Korean Beauty Skincare Makeup in AustraliaNow that we have completed the dewy base makeup, add an extra glow to your overall complexion with a blush and highlighter! Flushed and peachy cheeks create a sweet and youthful look which all Koreans are in love with. Apply 3CE Take A Layer #Holly Hock on the apples of the cheeks to give a youthful and energized vibe. 

Add a bit of sparkle with LANEIGE Brush Highlighter #Pink Beam  that adds dimension with a vibrant pink pearl glow. It also comes with a built-in soft-sensation brush that gives skin a professional makeup artist finish.

Swap Gradient Lips

The gradient lip makeup look first hit Korea a few years ago, and has been in trend ever since. This look creates the illusion of a "smaller and cuter" mouth that gives a young and innocent look. The original way is to apply lip tint on the inner lips, then gently blend it outwards with a lip brush, cotton swab or your fingers for a gradient effect.

Though it is hard for beginners to create the perfect gradient look – don’t worry, we have got it covered. LANEIGE Two-Toned Lip Tint helps achieve gradient lip look with one single swap which even beginners can catch up with. By having two colors in one lip tint, it completes the moisturized, sparkling and glamorous Two Tone Lips with a natural finish without blending – how cool is that! 

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